Friday, August 19, 2011

Angels, Whores and Fucknuts

I've noticed that the majority of men seem to think that women fall into one of three categories...Angels aka girl of their dreams, whores, and fucknuts. I've gotta agree that most woman fall into at least one of the categories, if not possibly more. I always thought this was presumptuous of men to actually think this, but from my observations of women it seems to be an accurate depiction.

The worst offenders are the woman who fall into the last two categories, which only adds to this seemingly stereotypical image of us chicks. The women who are considered whores can't seem to figure out why no man will "ultimately love" them when they can't seem to love themselves enough to not spread their legs for any jack off that gives them the slightest bit of attention or affection.

Then there are the fucknuts, You know the ones that are talking about getting married after 2 dates, have a lifetime subscription to Brides Magazine and have picked out their dress and put it on layaway by the 4th date. They are the ones that follow you around town, just happen to show up at the same bar as you and your buds are hanging at and is most likely the one who poured sugar in your gas tank and carved that term of endearment "cocksucker" into the side of your car.

Let's face want someone who will put up with them scratching their nads and hogging the remote and the occasional blowjob on their birthday...they want a lady on the street and a freak in the bed. Us women want to be adored and doted on and of course to be emotionally's a wonder anyone ever gets married.


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  2. We want our women to be all three types Kat. You see, the thing is, is we want you to be the right type of woman at the right time. We want you to be angels out in public and while you're around our friends and family, whores in the bedroom and at public places when we think we're alone, and fucknuts when it comes to being ready on time and keeping the house clean*. I hope I've helped you further your understanding on what men want our women to be. I know I did better than that dickhole Andre that spammed you before me.

    *Not that we necessarily think housekeeping is "Woman's work", we just don't want to be the clean one in the relationship.

  3. I look at it like this, a relationship is basically two people who are willing to accept the other's faults without going crazy. Well at least that's how my marriage is.

  4. You hit the nail on the head here! It amazes me how dumb some woman are with the whole marrage thing. The one time I was married I claim temporary insanity, and I don't think I'll EVER do it again lol. I think it's that whole "happy ever after" idea they're looking for, but that just doesn't exist.

    My daughter has it down flat at 8 years old though - she stated she wants kids, and will be getting a divorce once she has them lol.

  5. @ Doug, You've GOT the right idea! Probably why your marriage works so well, oh and how is that little princess of your?

  6. @Fred WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? I miss you on blog catalog !!!! Don't be a stranger, we need FREAKSMACK back!!

  7. Hahahaha. - I totally relate to this article, and I do, do it. Freak in bed, Angel in Public and all that. -
    But yeah. - I don't see why not it's really enjoyable anyways.

    OH!!! @Drama Queen. Your daughter's so cute. - She's got it all planned out at 8!!> :D