Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 Boys one can of Chew

Let me tell you sometimes I think my student think I am dumb, blind and deaf. Case in point.....Jimmy comes up to my desk to ask me if he can go to the bathroom, as he's making his request I notice some black nasty junk sticking to his teeth. Having my suspicions I tell him to pull his lip down so I can see whats on his teeth. There is it is a big chaw of chewing tobacco.

Busted....So Jimmy what's that nasty stuff you got stuffed in your lip?? That's when the game begins....the You're a crazy Bitch and I am going to deny this until my death game. Of course he knows he's busted so what does he do? Keeps saying nothing is in his mouth while he awkwardly and obviously tries to hide the evidence. Of course he knows the gigs up and decides that the only way out of this one is to........wait for it......swallow the evidence. That's right he swallowed that big old juicy wad of chew, even though I told him he'd regret it. Seriously I wante to puke just watching him swallow it, of course he continues to deny he had it in his mouth as the evidence is sticking all over his tongue and teeth as he proclaims his innocence.

Of course this kid thinks....no evidence , no crime. Yeah right....and basically I'm sitting in the principals office with the police officer, and the kid an hour later as he blatantly tells them I am a liar and I'm out to get him suspended because I hate him......I am sure you can imagine how far that got him and within about 15 minutes the kid was singing like a canary ratting out two more of my students and I got a needed vacation from the three of them a they were suspended for 10 days and fined a hefty $500. Honestly I hope this is lesson to him that well one, he's terrible at concealing his illegal actions and covering his tracks , two he's a terrible liar, and three I am once and for all not as stupid, blind and deaf as he once thought......point Kat

Peace of Mind

I have a friend who recently got injured on the job. No one ever likes to see these things happen especially to someone you know. To make matters worse the accident should have never happened, the company was completely negligent in keeping the work environment safe and as a result my friend was injured.

Fortunately for him he has options. Compensation Lawyers can help him to secure a fair settlement for his work related injury. He's very grateful that he has the option to look into what Compensation Lawyers can do in his situation. He comes from a family who have traditionally made their living in the manual work force and has seen other family members from past generations have their livelihoods taken away from them as a result of not having good representation.  At least he can be rest assured that his Compensation Lawyers will be working in his best interest to ensure the financial stability of himself and his family.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fan and practical

Thanks to Christy the Label Making Queen for this post
I have to tell you one of my favorite Christmas gifts I received this year was my label maker. I know what you are thinking ……a label maker? Yes! I absolutely love that machine! I use it to label so many things at work from files to my binders. I’ve even used it to put my name on my stapler and tape dispenser which seemed to constantly go missing at least once a week. One of the things I really like about my label maker is it allows me to add little graphics to the item that I am labeling, which adds a little personal touch to the things I put my name on. Have I gone a little bonkers since I got it, well yeah but I just love the clean crisp professional look it gives me and well it’s fun to use too!