Monday, February 13, 2012

Does Anyone have a clue here?

Ok my faith in my bank has dwindled to next to nothing lately.  Back in the last week of January I claimed a fraudulent charge on a  savings account through paypal.  It's a seperate account that I use just for my paypal stuff and at the time I didn't have a balance so of course when the charge went through it overdrew the account. So I contact paypal, file a fraudulent charge with them and get my money back within 48 hours, only problem is my bank continues to charge me overdrafts even though I've filed a claim with them. So what the hell I pay the fees and call the bank to ask them what specifically to do which they said just let the account go till it is settled. They said it would take less than 10 days ......well it didn't and the fees again started racking I go into the bank branch, ask them for an update on the investigation. Their response "We have no idea what is happening and can't tell you anything" ...........Are you kidding me!  So I hand them over a check for the fee's and they tell me I am still 10 cents overdrawn.

At this point I'm completely annonyed considering I had just called for the balance 10 minutes before I walked in the not only are they completly ignorent in the custustomer service department they are also dyslexic when it comes to reading balances. At this point I dug out a dime from the bottom of my purse, laid it on the counter and calmly through gritted teeth slid it across the counter it to the teller. What made matters worse is that the teller and the woman who claims she never processed my claim acted completely annoyed that I was bothering them with my little problem....personally I don't care if you've got a million dollars or a ten dollars in a bank they should treat all their customers with respect and value.

Determined to get down to the bottom of this problem I called the main customer service number and asked to have someone tell me what is going on with the investigation..........Well guess what.....they wrote claimed the fraudulent charge on the WRONG account! WTF, seriously I read you the account number, I told you it was a savings account, I toldddddddddddd you every single little detail of the charge in on earth did you screwwwwwwwww it up!!!! Needless to say it will be another 10 days before I get my hundred bucks back in overdraft fees. Just shoot me now people! Oh and I hope I win the lottery just so I can walk into your branch and say.............guess whose bank I'm not depositing this check into? HA!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

What's the deal

What is the deal with cashiers wanting to look at all your purchases? Really come on I've waited in line on a busy Saturday afternoon, the last thing I want is for you to ask me a zillion questions about my purchases. Yes it's new, No I haven't tried it yet, yes it looks good, interesting and like a good deal, and yes I will tell you where I found it so you can go get one before you shift ends. UGH just ring me up already and enough with the 20 questions..............

Monday, February 6, 2012


Thanks to my friend Rylie for this post
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