Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse......double Ugh!

Just as I finished telling you what a shitty weekend I'm having my dog decides that it's a good night to be high mainaince.....that's right I've been cleaning up dog puke piles for the past 45 minutes...and it's not like you can do anything to stop a dog from puking it's guts out.....just gotta let it ride as disgusting as it is. I do have to give the little shit some credit she only got it on the rug once, of course it was the biggest pile but at least she showed some mercy on me and did the rest of the piles in the kitchen...and the mud room, and her cage....all cleanable surfaces....then finally going outside to finish in the pouring rain......yeah Fuck my life again. Spoke too soon, here we go again

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not the way to spend a weekend....ugh

So Thursday I come home from the therapist and feel like shit, no not becuase of the session, I just physically feel like a Pile O' Crap. Been fighting this whole sinus draining thing all week, cough , runny nose all the good stuff. But suddenly my nose is no longer draining, no more coughing but rather completely stopped up and my ears feel like one of my students shanked me in the eardrums.

Needless to say I'm miserable and decide to take the day off and rest, well sleeping in to 1:30 in the afternoon didn't do the trick, if anything I woke up feeling worse with the worst fucking headache I've had in a damn long time....After an evening of downing tylenol dose after dose with no relief I took 2 ambien and decided to hope for the best in the morning.....no such luck, off to the urgent care to get a mega shot of steriods, and antibiotics, more percription antibiotics, and decongestant..........12 hours later I'm still miserable, my headache although has subsided slightly is still being trumped by my ears that feel like hot pokers have been driven into them. So I litterly sit here whining to you all as I have a cold washcloth on my head with cloth actually pushed into my ear canal trying to put the mutherfucking fire out, while hopped up on antihistimines that have yet to do anything but keep me from falling asleep..............Damn sinus infections are a Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Err, Ummm well You know when I told ya.........

Err, Ummm well You know when I told ya.........that you weren't laid off Kat....well you kinda are. Yeah that was the message I got from the prinz. But, it's just a technicality I'll be called back like the day after bidding so It's all good. BUT what's not good........my schedule for next year. It's freaking bruital people. I am teaching 4 different subjects and co-teaching another.

Doesn't sound like a big deal, well you gotta understand most secondary teachers teach either one or two subject areas, yeah they teach those all day but you only have to "plan" for those two subjects. Next year I have to plan for 4 different ones. Let's just say in the teaching world it's refered to as the " damn, who'd you piss off schedule". But it's all good I guess, I'm just glad I'zz got a J.O.B.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday---My first installment of the "Idiot Teacher" Series

Let's just hope Alex didn't let this idiotic teacher warp his mind!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kiss my copyright ass..........

I have a new header, not by choice though. It seems the owner of that fabulous short bus pic contacted me and so politely told me to give him a link to credit the pic. I thought about it and said , nope I think you can have your pic I'll make my own.

But a many thanks to Polybore for making the origional header for me, I know you spent way too much time looking for just the right pic for me! What can I say shit happens.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Would you take a pill Lady, or at least use a condom?

What is wrong with these television producers and making these show about large families?  I don't get it really...It's not like large families are a new phenomenon  or anything...hell good Catholics have been producing baker's dozens for years and were never offered a television show.

Honestly why would we want to watch the daily going ons of a woman who can't keep her legs fucking together and has just dropped her 19th kid?  I don't and can't imagine why anyone else would. I have to admit I used to watch Jon and Kate plus 8 but not because I wanted a play by play of how many meals, diaper changes and loads of laundry Kate did............no I was just waiting for the moment that Jon went ball to the walls ballistic on Kate and tried to choke her on camera....needless to say it never happened and I quit watching......What can I say I secretly root for that douche bag. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just keeping it real people

So I have an appointment with my Chiropractor tomorrow, I have to admit that I used to think they were quacks, but hell one adjustment and I swear the man is a miracle worker. Anyway as much as I love how I feel when I leave after an adjustment I have to admit the time leading up to the appointment is a bit of anxiety for me.

See it's not that I am anxious about him twisting my neck with such force that I swear he's going to paralyse me, ok I kinda freak about that a little bit. No it's the fear that I will fart when he is twisting my body in a pretzel in an attempt to allign my spine, and I am sure that clinching my ass cheeks is not not condusive to getting the best results. So wish me luck as I clinch my ass cheeks tomorrow and hopefully don't rip a big one in my chrio's face.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

For your enjoyment........tee hee

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'd have been better off not knowing

Sometimes knowing the future just fucking sucks. When I taught at the middle school I could say in my own little bubble thinking when I said my final goodbye to my students at the end of year thinking that their life couldn't get any more dysfuctional that what I had already witnessed.

Enter reality check.........I hadn't been at the highshool more than a month when one of my favorite students from a couple of years ago shattered my illusion that all my former students went onto normal academic and personal life experiences.

I was grading some papers in my first hour when I handed back a test to one of my former students enrolled in that hour. His test was a complete disaster with half of the answers missing. That's when he whispered to me that he was "intoxicated" when he took the test.  That in itself was disturbing enough, then he asked to talk to me in private out in the hall.

That's when he says to me, "If I tell you something, do you promise not to say anything?" Believe me as a teacher those are the words you never want to hear......Why? Because nothing good is ever repeated to you when it is preceeded by those words. Either way it's always something disturbing, and you know you won't be able to keep that promise.

Needless you've got to press them to tell you........for their own good, for your sake as an advocate. So they tell you and your heart sinks. You then realize that the kid that you bantered with in class two years ago, that loved the classic rock groups you grew up with, that showed so much promise is now a hopeless drug addict who admittedly swallowed enough morphine pills that morning to kill a horse. Who admits he's never not high, because the last time he tried to stay clean for 24 full hours, he ended up cutting his wrists.

So you take a deep breath, tell him to go back to class, head to the principal's office and tell them the kid's high off his ass and head back to class knowing you've got to look him in the eye as he's hauled out of class and detained by the liasion officer. You tell yourself you did it for his own good, but a part of you dies now that you know what his future holds. Yeah seeing the future really fucking sucks sometimes.

It sucks but it's reality

So I got this comment the other day:

"I wish I had stumbled upon your blog a long time ago before you/some bot started writing about hotels and trophy engraving. It makes a newcomer, like me, tick off the WTF box. However, I understand it's all for the $$$. "

Yeah Jonathan I used to tote the Ad free and proud of it Logo, then reality set it.  See Jonathan, no offense intended but, I wish I didn't live in the the ghetto which has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, and I wish I didn't have to sell out to advertisers that pay me quite nicely for the little work that I do for them.......in hindsight, yeah I wish it wasn't necessary to sell out but I I have a mortgage, car payment and a job in an industry were I wonder from day to day if I am going to have a job in the morning.  I'm trying to move the paid posts to another information blog and not post them as much here but, what can I say, the advertisers like me because I can write a decent post with proper grammar, which I guess is hard to come by. So I digress and write, and am thankful for the several hundred bucks a month it provides me. It sucks but it's reality.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I saw this and well..............

Made me smile for the first time in awhile.......thanks guys for helping me make the Top 100 in the Personal Blogs category over at Blog Catalog