Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Err, Ummm well You know when I told ya.........

Err, Ummm well You know when I told ya.........that you weren't laid off Kat....well you kinda are. Yeah that was the message I got from the prinz. But, it's just a technicality I'll be called back like the day after bidding so It's all good. BUT what's not schedule for next year. It's freaking bruital people. I am teaching 4 different subjects and co-teaching another.

Doesn't sound like a big deal, well you gotta understand most secondary teachers teach either one or two subject areas, yeah they teach those all day but you only have to "plan" for those two subjects. Next year I have to plan for 4 different ones. Let's just say in the teaching world it's refered to as the " damn, who'd you piss off schedule". But it's all good I guess, I'm just glad I'zz got a J.O.B.


  1. Glad to hear you have a job. Sorry to hear you have so many of them without a pay increase (I'm assuming anyway or else you'd probably mention that). I remember back when I was in school I used to give teachers such a hard time. I really regret that now. Sounds like you'll have a busy schedule, hope you can keep the blog up, just found it and really enjoy what I've read.

  2. oh hell to the no on the pay increase, will probably take a huge pay cut on top of that...and yeah I'll keep up the blog, it keep me sane!

  3. In my view there are some J.O.B.'s that should have highr salaries or wages, shit...just paid better. Teachers are up there...I mean teachers are the ones forming young minds...Keep on keeping on and know there are some some who just do not like the staus quo...
    James James