Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not the way to spend a weekend....ugh

So Thursday I come home from the therapist and feel like shit, no not becuase of the session, I just physically feel like a Pile O' Crap. Been fighting this whole sinus draining thing all week, cough , runny nose all the good stuff. But suddenly my nose is no longer draining, no more coughing but rather completely stopped up and my ears feel like one of my students shanked me in the eardrums.

Needless to say I'm miserable and decide to take the day off and rest, well sleeping in to 1:30 in the afternoon didn't do the trick, if anything I woke up feeling worse with the worst fucking headache I've had in a damn long time....After an evening of downing tylenol dose after dose with no relief I took 2 ambien and decided to hope for the best in the such luck, off to the urgent care to get a mega shot of steriods, and antibiotics, more percription antibiotics, and decongestant..........12 hours later I'm still miserable, my headache although has subsided slightly is still being trumped by my ears that feel like hot pokers have been driven into them. So I litterly sit here whining to you all as I have a cold washcloth on my head with cloth actually pushed into my ear canal trying to put the mutherfucking fire out, while hopped up on antihistimines that have yet to do anything but keep me from falling asleep..............Damn sinus infections are a Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!


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