Friday, January 29, 2010

Ten shirts you hope to never see .......

Ten shirts I hope to never see .......on my daughter's boyfriend


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Man I feel like a Bitch

I really can't stand petty colleagues that feel the need to come to false conclusions about my work only because they are too much of a douche bag to ask me questions they might have, and go running to my boss to accuse me of something I didn't do just because they are to RETARDED to figure out shit themselves, or too much of a fucking pussy to ask me. God I hate you cowardly muther fuckers, oh and by the fucking way, OUR boss says you are the dumb fuck not meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn that was one huge run on sentence.............but I feel better now!

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

I know it's not Wednesday yet but wanted to post this anyway. I am pretty indiffernet when it comes to tattoo's......but this one I have to give Kudo's to the guy for making the best of his's just sweet.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Freaky Friday

I was cleaning out my inbox the otherday, yeah I tend to never delete stuff including spam so decided to do a little housekeeping. Now there is always some interesting stuff you find that you forgot getting when you delve into email past.

Now I've gotten lots of interesting stuff sent to me over the years, funny stuff, pictures of people's kids, dogs , vacations, weddings, people in drunken stupors etc. But I think the freakiest thing I have Ever gotten in my inbox was from my friend Rodney AKA Forrest.  Honestly it was the least of what I expected to find.........well I'll just let you see for yourself

Yeah your eyes aren't playing tricks on's a picture of his Uncle Clay , dead of course, laying in his casket....I know it like a "southern thing" to take pictures of your dead realatives but honestly it freaks me out. I remember going over to one of my cousins house as a kid and we'd go over to her gandparents and they'd have all these photo's of dead realatives in their china freaked me out then and well I've never out grown it..........ok yeah like the post title reads Freaky Friday......tell me what the freakiest picture you've ever gotten in your inbox....try to top the dead guy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The undeniable truth always gets denied
hidden within the human psyche for as long as possible

This perpetual lie isn’t something we are born with,
yet, it’ embedded deep into our mental DNA as we grow

Fairytales, folklores and fiction can’t abort what lies ahead

Life is never pristine, from the very moment of our birth
the cycle of incalculable carnage begins from our very first breath

For each day we survive without being blemished only increases the improbable odds that the next day events will be precarious at best

After all, we are born to mad child psychologists if we are lucky, while other one have one or none.

Powerless because we couldn’t control the staining process
Either by the color of our skin or unending inconceivable pain one or both of our parents has suffered immensely long before we ever cried as we slid into human form

What delusional fools we are to believe that for one second we can go through life untouched

We will die, friends will fail us, insane people will set ablaze your trust in humanity and shamefully we will crush our precious children somewhere along their life by our actions

If that wasn’t enough, we will struggle each day of having faith or not of a higher power

Talk about cruelty, if we truly believe and it turns out to have been one colossal hallucination bestowed upon us by hugger-muggering religious agent provocateurs who led only for control and power

Then, life as we know it loses all its authentic value, in reality we were just evolutionary minerals and elements forged together by time and space

The fore mention words leave only one conclusion

It takes tremendous amount of negativity to obliterate the human spirit, hence the proof we are truly alive

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moral Delima's

In 1842, a ship struck an iceberg and more than 30 survivors were crowded into a lifeboat intended to hold seven. As a storm threatened, it became obvious that the lifeboat would have to be lightened if anyone were to survive. The captain reasoned that the right thing to do in this situation was to force some individuals to go over the side and drown. Such an action, he reasoned, was not unjust to those thrown overboard, for they would have drowned anyway. If he did nothing, however, he would be responsible for the deaths of those whom he could have saved.

Some people opposed the captain's decision. They claimed that if nothing were done and everyone died as a result, no one would be responsible for these deaths. On the other hand, if the captain attempted to save some, he could do so only by killing others and their deaths would be his responsibility; this would be worse than doing nothing and letting all die.

The captain rejected this reasoning. Since the only possibility for rescue required great efforts of rowing, the captain decided that the weakest would have to be sacrificed. In this situation it would be absurd, he thought, to decide by drawing lots who should be thrown overboard. As it turned out, after days of hard rowing, the survivors were rescued and the captain was tried for his action. If you had been on the jury,what would be your verdict?

My Brother's Keeper

You know as depressing and dismal it is to live in this state it is nice to know there are a few glimmers of hope in this world and a few inspiring acts that of goodwill toward men that happen to renew my faith in mankind just when I feel like what little faith I have is hanging on by a thread.

I've always been a fan of Mitch Albom's work, now he's not the most eloquent of writers but he tells a good story and well he always has me coming back for more, especially when he writes about subjects that are real and hit home. I got his new book for Christmas....Have a little Faith and well as usual he doesn't disappoint. Sometimes the end of the story is just as important as the story itself though....Just good to know that there are still people out there, of influnence big or small that haven't lost grips with reality to the needs of the community. But Mitch's work within the community is more than just community takes him on a personal journey and the examination of  his faith along the way. Anyway I've pasted a little bit about his community project here in the ghetto and thought you might like to read about it. Oh and by the way, they finally hit their goal and the church now has the hole ( gigantic on at that) fixed.

The mission of A Hole in the Roof Foundation is to help faith groups of every denomination who care for the homeless to repair the spaces in which they carry out their work and offer their services.  The seed that gave root to the Foundation – and also inspired its name – is the I Am My Brother's Keeper church in Detroit, MI.  Here, despite a gaping hole in the roof, and no matter how harsh the weather, the pastor tends to his community to provide spiritual nourishment and a sanctuary for the homeless.
A Hole in the Roof Foundation raises and distributes funds to help pay for the materials and labor that are needed to help faith groups make such repairs to their most essential infrastructure:  replacing broken windows; shoring up load-bearing walls or loose foundations; repairing leaks and other plumbing problems; fixing or replacing heating sources.

Our first project is the I Am My Brother’s Keeper roof in the crumbling but vibrant Detroit church. After that, we will distribute any and all funds based on applications, need and the most good they can do.

The Hole in the Roof Foundation was established by Mitch Albom in 2009 and is a 501(c)3 charity organization based in Detroit, MI.  The board of directors includes Mitch and Chad Audi, President of the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.

I hate that little blue circle

I've talked before about what a heap o' crap my computer tends to be lately, and I'm beginning to think that I need a technical intervention. Sure I could surf the web for hours on end for some techno geek's blog and endlessly bang my head against the wall as I try all the little tricks they claim work for them the first time, but we are talking about me here. I am technologically retarded when it comes to fixing these things.

So the only other viable solution is to turn to the professionals and put it in their hands. The folks over at have got what you need if your computer is crapping out on you like mine is. They have a variety of driver downloads, windows drivers and those all important driver updates which is what is seems to be the plauge of my computer right now. Check them out if you are having a similar problem.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We do it everyday

People walk a tight rope on a razor’s edge
Carrying their hurt and hatred and weapons
It could be a bomb, or a bullet, or a pen
Or a thought, or a word, or a sentence

There ain't no reason things are this way
It's how they always been and they intend to stay
I don’t know why I say the things that I say,
But I say them anyway

Friday, January 8, 2010

This or That

I don't know which is worse, having to listen to a classroom of butt hurt kids whining all day about not having a snowday............or...........their bitchy teacher, off her meds for two days straight, pissed off that she could be spending the day taking down her fire trap of a Christmas tree, worried that it will spontaneously combust at the slightest provocation and burn her house down, causing her to have to live in a hotel for a year, or worse yet live in cardboard box down by the river........yeah I think the bat shit crazy non medicated teacher wins this one.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ok that was Awkward to say the least

So I went to my therapist the other week and as I am gathering my personal belonging and exit her office, go  into the waiting room, and stop dead in my tracks. One of my biggest fears about going to a psychiatrist is that well, I will run into someone I know when I leave my appointment. Needless to say I already had my next therapy session outlined as I directly ran smack dab into a coworker.

Ok, so what do you do in that situation??? And what the hell do you say to them????Oh hey how are you, oh you see the head shrink too, oh great nice to know I'm not the only one at work that is so fucked up in the head they need professional help and an assortment of psychotropic drugs.........seriously it freaked me the fuck out that my dirty little secret could possibly be blabbed all over the work place.

So of course being the genius I am, I simply gave a pleasant, hello how are you and quickly exited the door before it hit me in the ass.  Seriously people sometimes I just want to say............. Fuck My Life

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

After Christmas Blahhhh

You know I do this every January, I don't know if it's because in the midst of clearing out the christmas decorations and putting things back where they belong or if it's just someting else. But I always seem to go through this phase that become painfully aware of just how wornout some things have become in my house and how much they need replacing.

In particular this year it's my living room furniture, not my couches they are decent enough but my endtables, well lets just say they have seen some better days. What kills me most about it is that it took me forever to find the perfect table set with all the storage bins, just the right size cocktail table , in the color I liked....... ugh I could go on and on. But anyway its time to start looking for a new set. And with my record of indeciveness maybe I will have found one by this time next year.

Kat's Daily Gripe

I don't know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but it's colder than a witch's tit here. Needless to say I wasn't too thrilled to go back to work on Monday knowing the building had been shut down for over a week and more than likely the heat had been turned way down.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the building was relatively warm when I entered, well until I went into my office. Seriously it was like a freaking meat locker in there, but I'm thinking ok it's only 7 am it will heat up eventually....Well 6th hour rolls around and I return to my office to do my planning and paperwork and son of a bitch if it didn't seem even colder in there than it did earlier in the morning.
So I plop down in front of my computer to do my assorted tasks I needed to get done, and I literally felt like I was sitting in  front of a fan set on high. Son of a bitch if the vent above my computer wasn't shooting out frigidly cold air right down on top of me. What the fuck do I gotta do to get some heat in this office the size of a freaking shoe box. And why the hell can't I get that cold air when this sweatbox hovers around 90 degrees in the early fall and last spring? No then I'll be bitching to you all about how hot I am, what can I say except......................

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ummm yeah that was a definately a teachable moment

So I'm back to work tomorrow so to celebrate (Not) I thought I'd give you a funny little story from the classroom to start your week off. So I co-teach a general education class with one of my buddies from my old building. He's a newbie still in the fact that he's not tenured yet, and well is the biggest worry wart I've ever met.

Anyway, one morning he asked me if I knew of any funny you tube videoes that were school appropriate to show in class just to give the kids a break from writing their notes. I replied none I could think of off the top of my head. A few minutes later he says what about ..............I reply oh yeah that's a good one go with that.

So he does the search real quick on youtube, projects it up on the board and hits play.....unfortuately he forgot to turn his speakers and somehow accidently exits youtube. Not a problem, he pulls it back up and clicks on the first video that comes up under his search. This time with his speakers up on what seemed Super Subwolfer level he hits play and gotta click on the video to experience first hand what happened.....................

Yep that's right those three little words echoed down the hallway and filtered into the classroom accross the hall. Now I don't know what was more funny.....watching all the blood drain from his face as he turned white as a ghost, or the fact that he immediately went into the fetal position rocking back and forth chanting a "rainman" montra repeating over and over "Oh Bad Words, bad words, definately bad words. I take that back the whole Rainman imitation was funnier. Needless to say I was totally supportive of his faux pas and sat in the back of the room laughing my ass off.  But I did regain my composure long enough to give him a bit of time you might  fucking want to screen that shit before you show it dumbass lol, which of course led him to tell me to Fuck off. Yeah we have a healthy working relationship lol.