Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ok that was Awkward to say the least

So I went to my therapist the other week and as I am gathering my personal belonging and exit her office, go  into the waiting room, and stop dead in my tracks. One of my biggest fears about going to a psychiatrist is that well, I will run into someone I know when I leave my appointment. Needless to say I already had my next therapy session outlined as I directly ran smack dab into a coworker.

Ok, so what do you do in that situation??? And what the hell do you say to them????Oh hey how are you, oh you see the head shrink too, oh great nice to know I'm not the only one at work that is so fucked up in the head they need professional help and an assortment of psychotropic drugs.........seriously it freaked me the fuck out that my dirty little secret could possibly be blabbed all over the work place.

So of course being the genius I am, I simply gave a pleasant, hello how are you and quickly exited the door before it hit me in the ass.  Seriously people sometimes I just want to say............. Fuck My Life


  1. Well at least they're going to the shrink too so I'm sure whoever you saw has no room to talk. I've considered going but my fear is that they'll commit me to the fuckin loony bin.

  2. haha FML.