Tuesday, January 5, 2010

After Christmas Blahhhh

You know I do this every January, I don't know if it's because in the midst of clearing out the christmas decorations and putting things back where they belong or if it's just someting else. But I always seem to go through this phase that become painfully aware of just how wornout some things have become in my house and how much they need replacing.

In particular this year it's my living room furniture, not my couches they are decent enough but my endtables, well lets just say they have seen some better days. What kills me most about it is that it took me forever to find the perfect table set with all the storage bins, just the right size cocktail table , in the color I liked....... ugh I could go on and on. But anyway its time to start looking for a new set. And with my record of indeciveness maybe I will have found one by this time next year.

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