Sunday, August 26, 2012

And So it Goes.....

Emotions are a jagged little pill, and it boggles my mind how they can lead to so much angst in my attempt to understand them. Keeping them in check only adds insult to injury as those around you just don’t get that you are trying to let your emotions explain your true feeling and that you aren’t trying to let them run amuck.

So you store them away in that secret box kept hidden somewhere deep in your soul……..

It’s just that your heart and mind can’t begin to fathom the true depth and intensity of the feelings that are hidden away in that secret box. It’s the place where your love for a child dwells, but it is also a dark place, where you store pure hatred, the deep abyss where all those intense feelings live and are stored, because if turned loose they would be in such pure, raw, uncontrollable form that even the sanest of minds wouldn’t be able to manage them. And so it goes another mask is added to the collection…and you’re the only one who knows.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The beauty of life....the good, the bad and especially the Ugly

I am fed up. Fed up of second guessing, of walking on eggshells for supposed friends, of censoring my thoughts in case it might offend the easily offended, of not being true to myself because they are afraid to lose control over me, and holding back for the sake of others who are faint of heart. You can't please everyone, isn't that how the saying goes?

To have a blog and to have such personal thoughts out there for anyone to see. Why?

I believe in the beauty in life. At its happiest and darkness moments. "It's such a mysterious place, the land of tears." One that we rarely get a glimpse of and if we are lucky enough to, those who can appreciate it will see the power in such raw emotions, unfiltered. I believe that life isn't just captured on a movie screen, after being carefully edited and airbrushed. It is made more real by those courageous enough to bare their souls, to let the world see that here, this is it, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to be embarrassed about in sadness, simple joy, quandary, or misdirection. 

Mistakes will always be made. They are an essential part of growing. But to hide them and tuck them away like it is something wrong is such a shame. To acknowledge them is so much more empowering, so much more graceful. I think art imitates life.

I think the biggest weakness in man is pride and our greatest strenght is honesty.

My first Celebrity Follower on Twitter

Well at least to me..................I got an email saying I had a new follower on Twitter. Admittedly I followed Griffin first, I wanted a heads up when he might be coming back to the ghetto to do a show in the future and thought If I followed him that'd be a good way to know. I didn't expect him to follow back.
If you don't know who Griffin House is, you are missing out on a great artist. I was introduced to Griffin's music about 5 years ago by a dear friend and have been a huge fan ever since. His songs lament his struggles with relationships, love, drugs and his faith. I had the pleasure of seeing Griffin in concert one cold February night a few years ago and I was truly impressed with his humble persona. (And when I say a cold February Night I mean lit was below zero! )

During the intermission I went out to the foyer of the the cozy theater in which he performed that night to see if he was selling his latest Cd which I hadn't yet purchased. There I found a a little table with some shirts and Cd's for sale. I asked the volunteer running the table how much the Cd's were as there wasn't a price tag or sign stating the price. His response was ...".Mr. House will accept whatever you can afford"...........I was simply taken back by the statement.. and promptly pulled out a twenty dollar bill out of my purse and purchased a CD. It was the best $20 I 'd spent in a long time. 

The show that night was far from sold out, but I suspect the weather had a lot to do with that, however it didn't matter. It was an intimate, raw and heartfelt performance none the less. My only regret was that I wasn't able to stick around after the show to convey my appreciation for his performance that night.....but hey it was a school night and I had to teach bright and early in the morning.  So click the link to his website below and give him a listen and let me know what you think....

Griffin House
Nashville, TN ·
Following: 2369 · Followers: 4523

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hometown Pride

Is it just me???

Is it just my imagination or is Dax Shepard channeling Chad Kroeger from Nickelback?

I still think that Chad looked better with the curls..........just saying

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small Town Dumbass Government

I hate it when government, especially small government interferes with people just trying to do a good thing. Case in point, Angela Prattis who is being threatened with a huge fine because she is feeding the needy kids in her neighborhood.

Here's a woman, who sees a need in her community, finds a way to solve it and is told if she continues to do so she will have to pay a $1000.00 zoning fine. It's not like she's selling the food to make a profit, the food is given to her to distribute from the church she volunteers at.  The State has even approved her residence as an approved site in which to distribute food. But of course this isn't good enough for her local government.

In all honesty it's a wonder anyone wants to get involved to better their community anymore, especially when the few that do invest the time and energy are blocked by red tape and bullcrap! I say she needs to set up a site, I'd promote the hell out of it and even donate.  So much for trying to help your fellow man.  I digress.
Lunch lady fined: Angela Prattis feeds need kids in her neighborhood
No more free lunches for you young man, signed the Delaware County Township Government     

Michelle Obama....get off your soapbox!

Michelle Obama I think you need to check yourself.  Now I'm the first to agree that kids need to eat better and exercise more. Let's face it as a nation we've got some pretty sedentary kids. They sit all day in school, get a few minutes of recess a day and when they go home they are pretty much parked in front of the TV or computer. Although it's safe to say the majority of school age kids aren't physically engaging in sports or daily exercise, there is a population of kids who are. And for the most part I am in favor of the First Lady's initiative to get kids moving.

Now getting to my point about why Michelle needs to check herself...........her comments on the Tonight Show to Gabby lay off the McDonald's was a bit extreme.....Let's break this down, the girl has been training hours a day for the majority of her life to go to the Olympics....which she did, and won GOLD. So what does she do the next morning? She indulges in a McDonald's breakfast sandwich, to which she get's a lecture from the First Lady for eating. Are you freaking kidding me Michelle? This girl probably burns more calories in a day than you do in a month. Look I'm all for kids developing good eating habits and exercise regimes but you are preaching to the wrong audience. She's an Olympian and in the best shape of her short life.....there isn't an ounce of fat on that girl so for the love of God LEAVE HER ALONE! Oh and by the way, you and your husband need to quit going on all these late night talk shows, every appearance you make just lessens the credibility of the White House.  But just in case you can't help yourself here is a perfect candidate for you to bellow at.

Future Gold Medalist