Thursday, August 16, 2012

Michelle Obama....get off your soapbox!

Michelle Obama I think you need to check yourself.  Now I'm the first to agree that kids need to eat better and exercise more. Let's face it as a nation we've got some pretty sedentary kids. They sit all day in school, get a few minutes of recess a day and when they go home they are pretty much parked in front of the TV or computer. Although it's safe to say the majority of school age kids aren't physically engaging in sports or daily exercise, there is a population of kids who are. And for the most part I am in favor of the First Lady's initiative to get kids moving.

Now getting to my point about why Michelle needs to check herself...........her comments on the Tonight Show to Gabby lay off the McDonald's was a bit extreme.....Let's break this down, the girl has been training hours a day for the majority of her life to go to the Olympics....which she did, and won GOLD. So what does she do the next morning? She indulges in a McDonald's breakfast sandwich, to which she get's a lecture from the First Lady for eating. Are you freaking kidding me Michelle? This girl probably burns more calories in a day than you do in a month. Look I'm all for kids developing good eating habits and exercise regimes but you are preaching to the wrong audience. She's an Olympian and in the best shape of her short life.....there isn't an ounce of fat on that girl so for the love of God LEAVE HER ALONE! Oh and by the way, you and your husband need to quit going on all these late night talk shows, every appearance you make just lessens the credibility of the White House.  But just in case you can't help yourself here is a perfect candidate for you to bellow at.

Future Gold Medalist 

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