Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small Town Dumbass Government

I hate it when government, especially small government interferes with people just trying to do a good thing. Case in point, Angela Prattis who is being threatened with a huge fine because she is feeding the needy kids in her neighborhood.

Here's a woman, who sees a need in her community, finds a way to solve it and is told if she continues to do so she will have to pay a $1000.00 zoning fine. It's not like she's selling the food to make a profit, the food is given to her to distribute from the church she volunteers at.  The State has even approved her residence as an approved site in which to distribute food. But of course this isn't good enough for her local government.

In all honesty it's a wonder anyone wants to get involved to better their community anymore, especially when the few that do invest the time and energy are blocked by red tape and bullcrap! I say she needs to set up a site, I'd promote the hell out of it and even donate.  So much for trying to help your fellow man.  I digress.
Lunch lady fined: Angela Prattis feeds need kids in her neighborhood
No more free lunches for you young man, signed the Delaware County Township Government     

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