Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Thought I'd add this book to my student Library, I am thinking my students wouldn't complain about reading if I did.

Monday, March 30, 2009

What would Your Momma Think, Better Yet Your Principal

It thoroughly amazes me how naive some teachers can be. Yeah I know it's a stretch to think that maybe just maybe what we do in our personal lives is not administrations fucking business but you know what you are living in a fantasy world if you think so.

Believe me I am the first to tell ya to stand up for your right to freedom of speech but come on people use some common sense here! Maybe some of you fools need a lesson on what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to social networking

Inappropriate: Posting photos of your "Ass art" on the Web, which then is viewed by scores of your students. Yeah I am thinking that you might have reconsidered that great artistic vision you had when you applied paint to your ass and franks and beans, and then pressed it onto a canvas. But wait you can always call on the help of the ACLU, and sued the school district claiming a violation of your First Amendment rights. Come on people don't you know that Cock Art is protected under the Constitution? Sheeze what was the school board thinking.

Appropriate (but still risky): Anonymously blogging your frustrations without using real names, locations or NAME of your school district....DUGHHHH!.

Inappropriate: Posting on FaceBook your hatred and contempt where it is easily determined who you are, who your students are, and what school you teach at. And while you are at it you might want to reconsider including videos and photographs of yourself partying like a drunken sailor and posting "sexually suggestive" photographs, and referencing women as whores.

Appropriate: Give all your students nicknames and refer to them in that manner when ever blogging about the crazy shit you put up with on a daily basis. Look peeps it's all about covering your ass...and not with paint. Say what you wanna say just make it work, no blog is worth your job. Oh and the two examples of inappropriate posting ----those were true incidents, have you idiots not heard of setting your myspace to PRIVATE???? Anyway, safe blogging teach'es I am off to make some ass art.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What it's like

Last Sunday was a really nice day outside, a rarity here in March. So I decided to run to the ATM grab some cash and hit the carwash. In order to get to the bank I had to go through a rather busy intersection. That’s where I saw a sight that has become more frequent in these trying economic times. Standing there in silence with a sign that read “will work for food for my family, need food, formula and diapers.

Of course I didn’t hit the bank yet, and didn’t have a nickel to my name, so all I could do is give him an empathic glance. Seeing him standing on that corner humbled me. See I’ve been bitching about how I may have to teach a different grade next year due to budget cuts and too many parents running like hell from this state and dragging their kids along with them.

I’ve been so caught up in my own pity party and have forgotten that I should be grateful even to have a job in this economy. Seeing this husband, and father standing on the corner humbly reminded me to count my blessings.

So I zipped over to the bank took out some bills with the intention of slipping him
a few bucks. But as I made my way back he was already gone. I looked up and down the intersection but there was no sign of him.

Maybe someone picked him up to do some work, or maybe he just gave up and went home. I guess I’ll never know for sure. But I have wondered in the days that have followed if he feels defeated, if he and his wife went to bed hungry so that the kids could eat. If the baby woke up hungry in the middle of the night, and if its cries were quieted with a warm bottle or if its tiny stomach went without. Sometimes I wonder if it's a test of my level of compassion for my fellow man....Yeah I’m definitely counting my blessings more.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's like a train wreck.......

I’ve recently found this rather interesting yet some how strange blog. The premise is so simple really, take a doll, and photograph its head posing in various positions in front of random landmarks and objects in New York City.

I have to confess I’m hooked on this blog, it’s like a train wreck and I can’t look away. Doll kind of reminds me of those porcelain dolls I had in my bedroom as a kid, fun to play with in the daytime but once it was night time I would throw in the closet because I was afraid they’d stab me to death while I slept… However, I’m curious as to where doll is going show up next.

I think I am going to totally rip off the blog owners idea and start my own “Urban Barbie in the Ghetto Blog”. Yeah…she can be “Doll’s underprivileged ghetto Sista. You know it could be like Doll’s “Crack Whore Barbie Sister site……or not.

Anyway here is visit her site, and anyone who wants to steal my Crack Whore Barbie in the Ghetto idea feel free. I can barely keep this blog updated let alone another. I'll get ya started with a doll.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I bet all you "guys" wished you had a shirt like this last night..........................
Wait let me blow that fine print up for ya......................................
Kiss Me
on the head of my shaft while massaging my
testicles with coco butter and pinching my
nipples as I build toward orgasm on your face
I'm Irish

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sometimes Blog Fodder Just Falls In Your Lap

I really think I need to pay more attention during my 7th hour. Why? Well that will be quite evident soon enough.

A little background first. seventh hour I have all my student...all 19 of them jammed into a room that is less than half the size of a general education classroom. Basically it's wall to wall tards and they are all sitting 6 inches apart. Needless to say it's a recipe for disaster. It's a wonder no one's gotten shanked yet...oh wait that did happen a few years back...hence the removal of all sharp objects form my classroom.

Anyway it's normally a circus this hour as all my students behavioral meds have worn off and their true psychopathic homicidal tendencies tend to rise to the surface. So while I'm dealing with some douche bag telling me to fuck off ...this was taped to my white board.....................

In case you can't read it I will decipher for ya:

Oh my God are you ok? I saw the short bus flip over and I know how you don't like to wear your helmet because it is hard to lick the windows.

What can I say except PRICELESS....you gotta love a tard with a sense of humor.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Life's Lessons Learned

I've learned some important things about myself lately. Essentially I've learned that underestimating others and myself is a huge mistake. See I've got issues, layers of them, and in an attempt to deal with these layers of angst I've chosen to become someone I really wasn't. Pretending of sorts to diffuse this pain I feel every waking moment of my day.

But with all things deceitful to yourself, it has to come to an end. The repercussion I feared most was rejection, but amazingly I was greeted with compassion, love and grace...for the most part. The one person I thought would be most judgemental actually showed me the most compassion. That simple act of kindness not only restored my faith in myself but also in mankind.

True friends are hard to find , but I've got a few I wouldn't give up for the world. OK enough of this sentimental sappy shit and back to my sarcastic self.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ignagural Post

What can I say same shit different environment....a sort of sequel to my old blog, only with a fresh start. But with the same attitude.....so read on bitches I am back