Monday, March 30, 2009

What would Your Momma Think, Better Yet Your Principal

It thoroughly amazes me how naive some teachers can be. Yeah I know it's a stretch to think that maybe just maybe what we do in our personal lives is not administrations fucking business but you know what you are living in a fantasy world if you think so.

Believe me I am the first to tell ya to stand up for your right to freedom of speech but come on people use some common sense here! Maybe some of you fools need a lesson on what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to social networking

Inappropriate: Posting photos of your "Ass art" on the Web, which then is viewed by scores of your students. Yeah I am thinking that you might have reconsidered that great artistic vision you had when you applied paint to your ass and franks and beans, and then pressed it onto a canvas. But wait you can always call on the help of the ACLU, and sued the school district claiming a violation of your First Amendment rights. Come on people don't you know that Cock Art is protected under the Constitution? Sheeze what was the school board thinking.

Appropriate (but still risky): Anonymously blogging your frustrations without using real names, locations or NAME of your school district....DUGHHHH!.

Inappropriate: Posting on FaceBook your hatred and contempt where it is easily determined who you are, who your students are, and what school you teach at. And while you are at it you might want to reconsider including videos and photographs of yourself partying like a drunken sailor and posting "sexually suggestive" photographs, and referencing women as whores.

Appropriate: Give all your students nicknames and refer to them in that manner when ever blogging about the crazy shit you put up with on a daily basis. Look peeps it's all about covering your ass...and not with paint. Say what you wanna say just make it work, no blog is worth your job. Oh and the two examples of inappropriate posting ----those were true incidents, have you idiots not heard of setting your myspace to PRIVATE???? Anyway, safe blogging teach'es I am off to make some ass art.


  1. Oh man maybe you can post some of your "ass art" on wordless Wednesday to share lol. Honestly up until today I have never heard of ass art, can you believe that?

  2. first time here - looks a little adult for the students so I guess you should use common sense and lay low about the blog at school.

    Someday someone is going to talk and the word will be out. Your choice but I would not push it too far with R rated stuff.

  3. THis blog in no way is intended for my students to read and honestly I really don't think anyone would find it since I don't put locals school names or real names