Friday, March 6, 2009

Life's Lessons Learned

I've learned some important things about myself lately. Essentially I've learned that underestimating others and myself is a huge mistake. See I've got issues, layers of them, and in an attempt to deal with these layers of angst I've chosen to become someone I really wasn't. Pretending of sorts to diffuse this pain I feel every waking moment of my day.

But with all things deceitful to yourself, it has to come to an end. The repercussion I feared most was rejection, but amazingly I was greeted with compassion, love and grace...for the most part. The one person I thought would be most judgemental actually showed me the most compassion. That simple act of kindness not only restored my faith in myself but also in mankind.

True friends are hard to find , but I've got a few I wouldn't give up for the world. OK enough of this sentimental sappy shit and back to my sarcastic self.


  1. more! you were being realy honest.thanks

  2. I have these moments on a regular basis lol, more to come

  3. :)
    THis reminds me of a lovely movie... SHrek 1
    Shrek talks about how ogres are like onions.
    They have layers...
    Did you watch that show?
    He and donkey were on their way to rescue pRIncess Fiona. . .

  4. Kat the best tool to survive everyone else's bull crap that we have to deal with. Nice little sentimental moment I liked it.....I think.


  5. You really don't know your true friends until you are faced with adversity. I had always had light fun relationships with my friends and then I had a major life crisis that really showed me who was truly a friend and who just wanted to have fun.

  6. Glad you came clean.
    It was getting ridiculous.