Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sometimes Blog Fodder Just Falls In Your Lap

I really think I need to pay more attention during my 7th hour. Why? Well that will be quite evident soon enough.

A little background first. seventh hour I have all my student...all 19 of them jammed into a room that is less than half the size of a general education classroom. Basically it's wall to wall tards and they are all sitting 6 inches apart. Needless to say it's a recipe for disaster. It's a wonder no one's gotten shanked yet...oh wait that did happen a few years back...hence the removal of all sharp objects form my classroom.

Anyway it's normally a circus this hour as all my students behavioral meds have worn off and their true psychopathic homicidal tendencies tend to rise to the surface. So while I'm dealing with some douche bag telling me to fuck off ...this was taped to my white board.....................

In case you can't read it I will decipher for ya:

Oh my God are you ok? I saw the short bus flip over and I know how you don't like to wear your helmet because it is hard to lick the windows.

What can I say except gotta love a tard with a sense of humor.


  1. Beautiful.

    I used to have to wear a helmet when I went to bed. But I found that if I take Viagra every night it will keep me from rolling off onto the floor.

  2. Lmao Kat! Soooooo glad to see you're back and thanks for the laugh.

  3. Sound like you work with some little shits !

  4. I am a retired middle school teacher & I have a special needs 13 year old. I really enjoyed this.

  5. I love how it says "READ" at the top!

  6. As a former teacher I can relate. I do have an article you might bring more comment/insight to. It deals with merit pay.

  7. Thank you for inviting me to your new blog, Kat.
    I was wondering where you went.

    My blog is exactly 1 year

    Happy Birthday, My Blog, Happy Birthday, My Blog...

  8. Happy blog birthday Vlad!!!!! I had a hard time finding you, finally went over to fuel my blog to contact you , oh and drop the litter box from your list and add this one if you want

  9. Your translation included the proper punctuation and capitalizations which were lacking in the original.

  10. Well I have to set a good example don't I Vlad? My students see no need for capitalization and punctuation

  11. rock my world. This was so funny. I love the way it reads "READ" so freaking funny. Nothing like a room full of ADD kids with they're meds just about to wear off. F**king love your blog. Please don't stop writing these kids sound like my customers...please drop by my blog and read my customer's like middle school but with rotten deli meats...ahhhhhhhhhh.....