Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's like a train wreck.......

I’ve recently found this rather interesting yet some how strange blog. The premise is so simple really, take a doll, and photograph its head posing in various positions in front of random landmarks and objects in New York City.

I have to confess I’m hooked on this blog, it’s like a train wreck and I can’t look away. Doll kind of reminds me of those porcelain dolls I had in my bedroom as a kid, fun to play with in the daytime but once it was night time I would throw in the closet because I was afraid they’d stab me to death while I slept… However, I’m curious as to where doll is going show up next.

I think I am going to totally rip off the blog owners idea and start my own “Urban Barbie in the Ghetto Blog”. Yeah…she can be “Doll’s underprivileged ghetto Sista. You know it could be like Doll’s “Crack Whore Barbie Sister site……or not.

Anyway here is visit her site, and anyone who wants to steal my Crack Whore Barbie in the Ghetto idea feel free. I can barely keep this blog updated let alone another. I'll get ya started with a doll.....


  1. Come on, with all her money? I figured Barbie more for a heroine addict. Wicked funny.

  2. Okay Kat so I looked at that Dolly blog and to be quite honest with you that doll is really fuckin weird looking. I think your ghetto Barbie idea is a hundred times more funnier. I'm sure there's way better places to take pictures of a crack whore Barbie in your area.

  3. OMFG...super funny. I agree with Me-ME King heroine for barbie no way she'd be slumming using funny. You just made my day. Hey, come by my blog your going to get a total kick out of...if you got the time. As for stealing your idea...mmm maybe but I have a hard enough time keeping up my blog.

    The porclain dolls with the freaky eyes always scared me. You know those eyes that just opened and closed when you shock they're heads so's like Chucky but stranger. At least with Chucky you know what you where going to get....f**king stabbed by him.


  4. Hahaha...funny post.

    Read your profile. My sister taught special education to 6th graders in the Los Angeles Unified School District. She quit after 6 weeks. Best of luck to you!

  5. Hey Teach!

    i Taught at the Mental School for years (yes, I call it the mental school) because let's be honest, the tweens are going thru all the emotions and the teachers are worn out by December, but they still hang in there and love the kids.

    My son is a special needs kid. He suffers from Williams Syndrome. Have you had one's like him?
    Your blog is very very different and fun