Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet my New Companion

Went to the Foot specialist today because my left foot has been killing me for the past few weeks, well months actually...After an exam and a few zillion x-rays the conclusion to my ailing foot is that essentially my Achilles tendon is FUCKED up. 

Now if you all know anything about your Achilles tendon....every time you flex your foot, as in essentially take a step you are using that tendon. So needless to say you are totally screwed.

So my new companion for the next two weeks is this ugly ass boot...yes my foot feels a bit better with it on but it's hot, itchy and heavy as hell to lug around, not to mention it's terrifying going down stairs in it, I almost fell down the stairs on my first attempt to navigate them.

Ugh....just hoping this works, because if it doesn't the next step in treating it is a hard cast and if that doesn't, which entails chipping away a protruding bone , removing my Achilles tendon and reattaching it by screwing into my heel. Sounds fun huh.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picking my battles

Being on Summer break gives me time to hang out in a few select social networking sites. As we all know the interwebs can become drama drama island fast when personalities clash. I've written about my web nemesis many a time and how she's pissed me off in the past. To be honest I've given up on wasting my energy trying to win a pissing match with someone whose opinion on anything doesn't matter at all to me.

Now I don't put much credence in mud slinging myself, after all it's kind of like a stand off in the playground in elementary school no one is going to win because the playground monitor always steps in and sends everyone to the corner. It doesn't accomplish much in the end.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

So Doug went on vacation and all I got was ( a pic of ) this lousy seriously wish  I could wear this to work......but the kids on this short bus look way too General Education to be realistic. lol

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let the Rant Begin...........

First off I’d like to thank my blogging buddy Kat for letting me post this on her cool ass site. This is a rant about my best friend, so obviously I cannot post this on my blog.

Where should I start? Well I won’t bore you with a long drawn out story so let me break this down as simple as I can. Basically my friend of over fifteen years is a musician/rapper. Well he had a small record deal about two years ago and the company he was signed with went bankrupt, like a shitload of other US companies. When they went bankrupt they also took ALL of his music with them leaving my buddy basically fucked and right back to square one.

So me being the friend and good guy that I am I decided I was going to help my friend with his music. Now I didn’t know shit about recording music at the time, but I’m an IT guy and I know computers so how hard could it be? I went out and spent my own money on building a recording studio in my house, took a few lessons with Pro-Tools, built him a sick ass website and we were on our way. A year or so later I was making his beats for him and we put together a whole album, which I also paid for. My buddy then started to get some shows and a little recognition, that’s when he changed.

Right after he started getting noticed is when he became a total dick. At first I was having fun making the music with him, but it soon became almost like a job with an asshole boss, a job with an asshole boss where it’s costing ME money at that.  Suddenly my friend of 15 years was no longer my friend anymore and all he cares about now is himself. He started treating me like I was his fucking do-boy and not his friend. Talking to me like I owed him something when in fact it was my time and money that got him to where he’s at. He didn’t care about me or anything that was going on in my life. Nope he cared only about what I was going to do for him. Yup I had spent a year of my time and a lot of my own money helping my friend accomplish his dream only to get fucked over and treated like I hadn’t done a damn thing for him.

Recently I decided to stop working with him and just go back to my regular old life without spending hours of my day on shit for the prick. Yeah asshole I’m not doing a fucking thing for you anymore because I see now that you’re not my real friend. All you care about is yourself and could give two shits about me and the stuff that I have done for you. This has been a long time coming and to tell you the fucking truth I really don’t care anymore. Yeah I’m a little upset that I lost a lifelong friend but you know what? I don’t think he ever was my real friend in the first place. I’m better off without you fucker, get some other asshole to do all the shit I did for you. And by the way I’m gonna send you an invoice for all the fuckin money you owe me fuck face!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do You really think you know my fucking Audiance?

Guest has left a comment on your "People Who Need To Just Go The Fuck Away...Part 3 " post.

"I assume you want people to read this story. Some people may not object to profanity in a headline. However, there is a large number who do. I quit reading at the headline. There are better, more professional ways to get your message across."

Lol thanks for the blog fodder, now piss off!!

People Who Need To Just Go The Fuck Away...Part 3

So I've got this endless supply of people I could include in this category, but my personal pick for round 3 are stupid ass parents. Case in point.....the couple I saw walking on the side of a 4 lane busy road with a toddler and pushing an infant in a stroller.   Seriously people this is not the place to take a leisurely stroll with the family...and to top it all off they weren't holding the toddlers hand. Look you idiots, all it takes is for one person to not pay attention and mow your asses over...........For the love of Jesus people use your brains!!!!!!!!!!!

These Words hold Truth

It just comes at you sometimes. A smell, the taste of ripe strawberries in the summer heat, morning light infiltrating the blinds, or a song that once represented a whole season. How the memories rush at you when you least expect it and hit you so hard in the chest that your eyes well up, brimming with sweet nostalgia. Would it be a lie to say I can recall what it was like to bask lazily in a cradle, cozying up to pillows and soft sheets?

And from there, the first time I scrapped my knees to the first sight of my own blood. At the age of four or five, we (the cousins and I) filled acorn shells with water that would collect in puddles after a heavy downpour and serve each other tea.

A boy stole a kiss when I was eight and I never let him forget it by beating him to a pulp as he conceded without a fight. I remember the feeling of losing something precious, that I never knew I had to give, in the first place.

After the innocent age of unknowing youth came adolescent and teenage rebellion lead by the extreme desire to want to know; to remove the veil of shelter and protection and to test the fairy tale ideals that my naive mind had once clung hopefully to. To know what it was like to do this or that. To know what it was like to feel this or that. and all for the first time.

Everything was a blur then and I can't recall succinctly any one singular event that changed me forever. But I have changed. and I've lost everything that made me innocent once.

Maybe I'm not ready to remember.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's so Fucking Hot here..............

Even the Red Necks are taking drastic measures

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dude....What'd you do to get community service?..........Well

Ok was scanning the news in the "D" and ran across this and couldn't help but chuckle at the headline and news story .......enjoy

MSU student won't face criminal charges in thong thefts

Tom Greenwood / The Detroit News

East Lansing -- It wasn't a crime, it was a contest!

A 19-year-old Michigan State University found with 79 pairs of stolen thongs in his dorm room will not be charged with a crime, according to the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III decided that the unidentified student will instead pay a fine and do community service.

According to Dunnings, several male students were involved in a contest to see who could come up with the most purloined panties.

"My understanding is they were having a contest to see how many (thongs) they could get," Dunnings told the Lansing State Journal. "For whatever reason, his room was the repository of those efforts."

It was in April when the student was reported to police after he was seen pilfering a pair of delicates from a dryer in West Akers Hall.

The police seized on the tip because they had been investigating reports of the theft of 15 pairs of underwear from the same laundry room over the previous weeks.

A raid of the student's dorm room turned up 79 pairs of skimpy skivvies, all thongs. At the time, the student said it was all a prank and denied having an obsession with women's underwear.

Ghetto Thanks!!!!

Well lookie, lookie at my new header, That's right I got a new photoshopped header courtesy of Goose over at The Goosequill blog,  Can't say thanks enough, could never have done it myself, Again Thanks a bunch, I Love It.                                                   You Rock Dude!