Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picking my battles

Being on Summer break gives me time to hang out in a few select social networking sites. As we all know the interwebs can become drama drama island fast when personalities clash. I've written about my web nemesis many a time and how she's pissed me off in the past. To be honest I've given up on wasting my energy trying to win a pissing match with someone whose opinion on anything doesn't matter at all to me.

Now I don't put much credence in mud slinging myself, after all it's kind of like a stand off in the playground in elementary school no one is going to win because the playground monitor always steps in and sends everyone to the corner. It doesn't accomplish much in the end.


  1. It certainly doesn't. I found myself in a few arguments, as the words I wrote on a forum were twisted by the readers. Often the humour or sarcasm was lost and misunderstood and then I ended up explaining the meaning of what I wrote over and over again to hard headed people who wouldn't listen. I gave up a few of those forums. Can't be bothered any more.

  2. People are so damn uptight nowadays it's almost like no matter what you say someone isn't going to like it, so I say fuck em!

  3. I had those... its ok to be friendly on the net without getting too close. Its easier to see in the good in everyone that way.

  4. Hey Guys thanks for the input, yes doug people are complete uptight asses somethims, and although I used to get my balls off on being a piss ant sometimes, I have realized it's not worth the effort.

    Libertine---I know what you mean about having to explain over and over and still they don't get it or only get what they want to get Ughhh!

    Cindy: keeping distance is good I learned that the hard way !