Thursday, July 15, 2010

People Who Need To Just Go The Fuck Away...Part 3

So I've got this endless supply of people I could include in this category, but my personal pick for round 3 are stupid ass parents. Case in point.....the couple I saw walking on the side of a 4 lane busy road with a toddler and pushing an infant in a stroller.   Seriously people this is not the place to take a leisurely stroll with the family...and to top it all off they weren't holding the toddlers hand. Look you idiots, all it takes is for one person to not pay attention and mow your asses over...........For the love of Jesus people use your brains!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. When I see parents doing stuff like that I feel like smacking the ever living shit outta them!

  2. I totally agree. What possesses people to think something like that is a good idea? What gets me is seeing kids not buckled in their seat belt and half their body is hanging out the car window on a busy 4 lane road..and they are like 3 years old. Makes you want to call child protective services immediately.

  3. The thing that makes me want to slap these people sensible is seeing a parent, usually the mother, at the kerb pushing the buggy containing her supposedly precious parcel ahead of herself, hoping a car will stop, because she and her progeny are oh-so important. It's a selfish act that puts the onus on the driver to do an emergency stop, so they don't have the trauma of a dead child seared into their brain.

    There are some people in this world who should not be allowed to breed.