Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet my New Companion

Went to the Foot specialist today because my left foot has been killing me for the past few weeks, well months actually...After an exam and a few zillion x-rays the conclusion to my ailing foot is that essentially my Achilles tendon is FUCKED up. 

Now if you all know anything about your Achilles tendon....every time you flex your foot, as in essentially take a step you are using that tendon. So needless to say you are totally screwed.

So my new companion for the next two weeks is this ugly ass boot...yes my foot feels a bit better with it on but it's hot, itchy and heavy as hell to lug around, not to mention it's terrifying going down stairs in it, I almost fell down the stairs on my first attempt to navigate them.

Ugh....just hoping this works, because if it doesn't the next step in treating it is a hard cast and if that doesn't, which entails chipping away a protruding bone , removing my Achilles tendon and reattaching it by screwing into my heel. Sounds fun huh.


  1. That sucks! I had one of those boots once. It started smelling really bad and then I sold it on Craigslist.

  2. euwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww someone bought it from you, well it doesn't suprise me that thing cost $150 dollars, thank god I've got insurance

  3. Damn, I can understand completely. A friend of mine had to go through the same thing, but she ended up needing surgery because, despite having to give it rest, she insisted on running around all over the place.

  4. That totally sucks! I'm willing to bet all the guys are hitting on you with that thing on huh?

  5. lol Doug yeah right, it's so hot and sweaty I am sure after a week it will reek!

    @ cooking asshole
    I am not surprised! 40 bucks is a deal even if it's used!

  6. Who would buy CA's smelly ass boot???? Hmm... 5 Bucks say's DollinNYC bought that bitch!

    How did you mess your achilles up to begin with?

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  8. OUCH! That sounds like a serious surgery. I don't really know what else to say, that sucks.

    I wonder why Cooking Asshole had to wear a boot like that. Did he try putting a boot up a terminator's ass when the terminator didn't eat a meal he prepared? I am assuming terminators don't eat.

  9. Oh man, it does sound like painful and serious injury.It may take time for you to get used to boots like that.

    I hope you recover fast.

  10. I bought one of those things from someone on craigs list. He told me it was a ski-boot and that 'monoski-ing' was the newest thing on the slopes, more fun even than snowboarding.
    It cost me $40 bucks and he told me I could get the ski to go with it for about $20 at any sports store.