Sunday, August 1, 2010

There is 3 sides to a story.....and then there's the truth

 I origionally wrote this post with out using the real names of the indivuals involved and then I said Fuck IT......

So I was hanging out one night on the forum at my favorite social network when I noticed a comment that my web nemesis posted. Essentially she was making a statement/question involving  Tony the owner of the network and another blogger -- Jon that was banned from that forum.  Now normally I wouldn't blink twice at the shit she writes, but this comment essentially insinuated that Jon physically assaulted Tony..

Now being in a unique position of knowing both of these individuals, the comment bothered me on several levels. One that someone I know would be capable of doing such a thing, two, that the individual allegedly assaulted would have anything to do with this person  ....and thirdly...I smelled an overwhelming aroma of bullshit. So I asked for the link to the video she claimed that Tony said he was assaulted, and after a some time of her hemming and hawing she finally gave it to me. 

Considering the source, I decided to do some homework...If my nemesis hadn't insisted that it was true and that she had confirmation I'd probably had left it alone at this point.......hell who am I kidding, no I wouldn't have. Maybe it was her blatant superiority that pissed me off...... or maybe it was just my need to call her out on her bullshit......

So I left messages for Tony, and called Jon on the phone. Jon said the incident never happened, and that he hadn't even met Tony in person until the week before, which I found very interesting considering that the video she sent me was more than several months old,  so OBVIOUSLY Tony wasn't referring to the John she was talking about. But to be fair I waited for a response from Tony....a day or two later he responded with an answer........"No, Never" .....some simple investigating anyone could have done...............

So I informed my web nemesis of the information I gleaned and her response was that because Tony didn't respond to her original comment she ASSumed that she was correct. Really? Since when are assumptions the truth? What a crock of shit, and a lame ass excuse.  

But the one thing I think that pissed me off the most was her friendly advice that if I blogged about this that I would be threatening her and it would "blow up in my face".  Hummm not sure about how telling the truth could be threatening to her, the only thing threatening is the fact that her bullshit was exposed, and the only thing blowing up  is her shit in her face.  Moral of the story, don't be an ass.

That's all I got to say bout' that.


  1. I still don't know who this "Jon" is... I wonder... Is he me???

  2. She sounds like a monster! I hope I never have to deal with anyone like that!

  3. HAHAHAHA! What is she gonna do now, say you attacked her on your site for no reason?

  4. "web nemesis" thats some awesome shit.

  5. Hahha.. awesome.. great tale!

  6. whaz up peeps, yeah I love a good burn