Friday, August 27, 2010

Why didn't someone think of this before?

Sometimes you run across a company that offers a service and you wonder why the heck didn't someone think of this before, that's exactly what my thoughts were when I ran accross If you've ever suffered from a bad back you'd know how freaking cool it is to think you can design your own mattress.

Yes custom make your own mattress, from the type of materials, softness, firmness etc. It's a big deal if you suffer from arthritis, allergies, or just need a mattress that's made to your needs and not that of everyone else in the world. The nice thing about these made to order mattresses is that they are comparable in quality to all those national brands out there at a considerable mattress discount. You could easily  save 20-40 % off the prices you see in department stores...imagine that queen size memory foam mattress made to your specification and discounted to boot. Freaking Fabulous idea if you ask me.


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