Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cooking Asshole needs No Reservations

I've been blogging for a couple of years now, and along the way I've found some great blogs, and some awesomely fantastic writers that make me completely envious. But I'm a realist, I know when it comes to blogging I am completely on the D list, and I tend to gravitate toward blogs and bloggers that aren't afraid to blog what they want, no matter who it may offend, and in the process although they rank above me in many ways they're not considered by the mainstream as blogging all stars. I know fuck them right?

So when one of my fellow blogger bugs get some recognition I'm the first to say Hellz yeah!. Cooking for Assholes is kick ass site for all you wanna be cooks out there. But don't take my word for it, just as Anthony Bourdain. In a recent interview Bourdain was asked if he read any blogs and replied "Cooking For Assholes is wonderful – that’s a really great one."

That's right Anthony Fucking Bourdain said Cooking for Assholes was wonderful! So give some props to my little monkey friend and tell him congrat! Now if I could just get Anderson Cooper to make a non inflammatory remark about The Short Bus!


  1. Cooking Asshole is one of my new favs. Not only is he funny, but he makes some really good fucking food!

  2. Oh and I say we go to Stela's site and spam her ass too!

  3. I see Stela has taken to spamming your blog too. What a pain in the freakin' ass!! Thank God for the delete button.

    I'm off to check out CFA.


  4. That Cooking for Assholes guy is hilarious!

  5. Come on're higher than a d-lister. Me I'm a d-lister. And I suck.

  6. It's always awesome when one of the little guys gets some love... How will I know when I have "arrived" on the D list? :D

    ...And Another Thing!!