Friday, April 12, 2013

My evolution as a blogger

I've been blogging since 2005, and yes that seems like a lifetime in some ways. And as I look back on my presence in this world of self proclaimed writers I ponder how I've changed over the years. I definitely feel that I have blossomed as a writer, looking back at some of my older posts I am kind of amazed at the words that flowed on the page. Wait I wrote

But part of me is also a bit sad when I read those old post because they are filled with so much angst, and pain. I'll admit it I carry a lot of shit around, unresolved feeling, thoughts and some completely dark shit. I can't change that, I can only deal with it and the one way I deal with it is to write about it, and well take my meds lol.

So I'm onto the next phase of my blogging experience, continuing to dig deeper and peeling back the layers to get to the real stuff. The stuff that's buried deep in that abyss of my psyche that needs to be dealt with no matter how painful, raw and messy it might be.

Look who's back, back again

Ok seriously I can't believe I haven't posted since my birthday. I am a pathetic blogger! Honestly my new job assignment this year is kicking my ass. This job is completely impossible and sucks every spare minute of time I have in life. In essence the past 7 months have been a compete FML experience. But I've decided fuck it and I'm taking some time for Kat's back and she's going to be in rare form. Hold on for the ride bitches lol.