Thursday, August 23, 2012

My first Celebrity Follower on Twitter

Well at least to me..................I got an email saying I had a new follower on Twitter. Admittedly I followed Griffin first, I wanted a heads up when he might be coming back to the ghetto to do a show in the future and thought If I followed him that'd be a good way to know. I didn't expect him to follow back.
If you don't know who Griffin House is, you are missing out on a great artist. I was introduced to Griffin's music about 5 years ago by a dear friend and have been a huge fan ever since. His songs lament his struggles with relationships, love, drugs and his faith. I had the pleasure of seeing Griffin in concert one cold February night a few years ago and I was truly impressed with his humble persona. (And when I say a cold February Night I mean lit was below zero! )

During the intermission I went out to the foyer of the the cozy theater in which he performed that night to see if he was selling his latest Cd which I hadn't yet purchased. There I found a a little table with some shirts and Cd's for sale. I asked the volunteer running the table how much the Cd's were as there wasn't a price tag or sign stating the price. His response was ...".Mr. House will accept whatever you can afford"...........I was simply taken back by the statement.. and promptly pulled out a twenty dollar bill out of my purse and purchased a CD. It was the best $20 I 'd spent in a long time. 

The show that night was far from sold out, but I suspect the weather had a lot to do with that, however it didn't matter. It was an intimate, raw and heartfelt performance none the less. My only regret was that I wasn't able to stick around after the show to convey my appreciation for his performance that night.....but hey it was a school night and I had to teach bright and early in the morning.  So click the link to his website below and give him a listen and let me know what you think....

Griffin House
Nashville, TN ·
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