Thursday, January 21, 2010

Freaky Friday

I was cleaning out my inbox the otherday, yeah I tend to never delete stuff including spam so decided to do a little housekeeping. Now there is always some interesting stuff you find that you forgot getting when you delve into email past.

Now I've gotten lots of interesting stuff sent to me over the years, funny stuff, pictures of people's kids, dogs , vacations, weddings, people in drunken stupors etc. But I think the freakiest thing I have Ever gotten in my inbox was from my friend Rodney AKA Forrest.  Honestly it was the least of what I expected to find.........well I'll just let you see for yourself

Yeah your eyes aren't playing tricks on's a picture of his Uncle Clay , dead of course, laying in his casket....I know it like a "southern thing" to take pictures of your dead realatives but honestly it freaks me out. I remember going over to one of my cousins house as a kid and we'd go over to her gandparents and they'd have all these photo's of dead realatives in their china freaked me out then and well I've never out grown it..........ok yeah like the post title reads Freaky Friday......tell me what the freakiest picture you've ever gotten in your inbox....try to top the dead guy.


  1. I was at a funeral when they took pictures of the dead once and I walked out.

    I can however top the dead guy in the inbox, just click this link but BEWARE! I got this in my email a while back and I have never watched the full thing.

  2. HAHAHAHA that site was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen hold on actually one guy and a screwdriver was waaaaay freakier.I stopped watching it after 3 seconds it was so bad UGH. but ...

    if you really want to watch it search for 'Efukt' and the title of the 'thing' on google.

  3. i am scared to even look doug, scared to death lol