Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The undeniable truth always gets denied
hidden within the human psyche for as long as possible

This perpetual lie isn’t something we are born with,
yet, it’ embedded deep into our mental DNA as we grow

Fairytales, folklores and fiction can’t abort what lies ahead

Life is never pristine, from the very moment of our birth
the cycle of incalculable carnage begins from our very first breath

For each day we survive without being blemished only increases the improbable odds that the next day events will be precarious at best

After all, we are born to mad child psychologists if we are lucky, while other one have one or none.

Powerless because we couldn’t control the staining process
Either by the color of our skin or unending inconceivable pain one or both of our parents has suffered immensely long before we ever cried as we slid into human form

What delusional fools we are to believe that for one second we can go through life untouched

We will die, friends will fail us, insane people will set ablaze your trust in humanity and shamefully we will crush our precious children somewhere along their life by our actions

If that wasn’t enough, we will struggle each day of having faith or not of a higher power

Talk about cruelty, if we truly believe and it turns out to have been one colossal hallucination bestowed upon us by hugger-muggering religious agent provocateurs who led only for control and power

Then, life as we know it loses all its authentic value, in reality we were just evolutionary minerals and elements forged together by time and space

The fore mention words leave only one conclusion

It takes tremendous amount of negativity to obliterate the human spirit, hence the proof we are truly alive


  1. You could not say this better. Thanks...

  2. the concluding sentence is what really stood out. awesome.