Monday, April 12, 2010

Kiss my copyright ass..........

I have a new header, not by choice though. It seems the owner of that fabulous short bus pic contacted me and so politely told me to give him a link to credit the pic. I thought about it and said , nope I think you can have your pic I'll make my own.

But a many thanks to Polybore for making the origional header for me, I know you spent way too much time looking for just the right pic for me! What can I say shit happens.


  1. Don't you just fuckin hate people like that? Seriously what's the big deal? It's a school bus for Christ's sake.

  2. I'm curious. Did you think he didn't deserve the link or was it too much of a bother?

  3. @ Doug, I know it is just a school bus! but you know that pic was used on that motivational posters site, guess he felt he deserved credit

    @ Thought Bubble Ten
    I am ok with his wanting the link, I get that, but no one who visits my site would ever BUY a short bus from was a useless use of an outbound link in my eyes

  4. Hmm. Polybore is usually pretty careful to avoid this kind of thing. Can't remember where that image came from but am certain that it wasn't anything to do with motivational posters.

    Are you sure it was really their image?

  5. It's some dude that sells short buses polybore lol go figure I checked out his link, and yeah it's his pic, someone stole it for the motivational poster lol, I just said screw it and mocked up a pic of my own. but I do appreciate you doing it for me even though he twisted my arm to negotiate a link or take it down