Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It sucks but it's reality

So I got this comment the other day:

"I wish I had stumbled upon your blog a long time ago before you/some bot started writing about hotels and trophy engraving. It makes a newcomer, like me, tick off the WTF box. However, I understand it's all for the $$$. "

Yeah Jonathan I used to tote the Ad free and proud of it Logo, then reality set it.  See Jonathan, no offense intended but, I wish I didn't live in the the ghetto which has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, and I wish I didn't have to sell out to advertisers that pay me quite nicely for the little work that I do for them.......in hindsight, yeah I wish it wasn't necessary to sell out but I I have a mortgage, car payment and a job in an industry were I wonder from day to day if I am going to have a job in the morning.  I'm trying to move the paid posts to another information blog and not post them as much here but, what can I say, the advertisers like me because I can write a decent post with proper grammar, which I guess is hard to come by. So I digress and write, and am thankful for the several hundred bucks a month it provides me. It sucks but it's reality.


  1. If you're making a couple hundred bucks a month then FUCK that guy! Damn I can't make that in four months lmao. Keep doing your thing Kat and screw who doesn't like your ads! Oh and BTW I click for ya. ;)