Friday, May 22, 2009


So I haven't posted for awhile, not that I don't have tons of material just that time of year where all these loose ends have to be wrapped up at work.....This economy sucks here in the ghetto and with a sucky economy comes budget cuts.

Seems I am low sp-ed teacher in the building and I got bumped out of my job, now I still have a job, it's just that I have to move to the high school next year....yeah I know more blog fodder! That's a given for sure.

The only issue I have.....I have to deal with not only the punks I have this year again, but all the wankers I've taught for the PAST 3 years....Seriously people I look forward to last day of school when I say my tearful goodbyes and proclaim my freedom.
In truth I am rejoicing that my sentence in hell with these kids is done, but nooooooooo now I have to follow them all through high school. Look I know God's got a sense of humor but COME ON ALREADY!!! Just shoot me now.


  1. Kat!!!!

    I am so glad you updated this blog. Our new HBDC guidelines say any blogs listed have to update regularly (at least once every two weeks - I know, we're so fascist heh), which is why you prolly haven't be approved there yet.

    We also have a ton of blogs being reviewed but I am putting in a good word for you cuz, well, I miss you and don't tell anyone but I sorta have a non-sexual crush on you. ;)

  2. PS - Just to clarify, I don't have a crush on you in a creepy, stalkerish way like some people apparently do.


    Was die ficken Zeit Dieb?!


  3. Damn Offended now who am I gonna have lesbian lust for lol, watch that comment drive da boys crazy, nothing they love more than girl on girl lol,
    I've missed blogging glad you missed me blogging lol

  4. hi kat, i know teaching the same people can be a little boring sometimes. but i think then you will be knowing how to handle them...that's a good thing, right?

  5. Well look at the bright side of all this Kat, you've still got a job and now I'm sure you'll have way more stories to tell of the high school kids hitting on you and trying "get in them draws" lmao. Look at it like this, you too are now graduating.