Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh You did not Just Say That.

So today I had to make a quick stop at the insurance company, of course they were closed by the time I got there but that's not the point of my story here. Anyway there was no place to park so I had to park on the other side of the building.....after realizing that they were closed I started heading back to my car. As I rounded the building I saw these two older ladies a significant distance ahead of me walking into the BBQ place. I also noticed a couple close behind them and assumed they were all together and really didn't pay much attention to them since the older women had entered the building and seemed to be holding the door for the couple behind them. I passed the couple just as they approached the door and that's when I heard, "Thanks for holding the door Honey" in a rather snide tone of voice. At first I thought the woman was talking to her boyfriend/husband but then I realized she was giving me a death stare....That bitch was talking to me! WTF, Seriously what the fuck did she want me to do, dead stop in front of them, hold the door open so she could waddle her fat ass into the BBQ place! Since when is it my fucking job to make mad dashes to hold open a door for your fat ass!

If you want to get technical your boy should have "Manned Up" and held the door for those old ladies, after all  he was within two feet of the women and on the same side of the sidewalk where I was even further away and on the opposite side. I really wanted to bitch slap her, but who am I to stand between her and her BBQ.........could have lost my life for all I know.


  1. I think you should have held the door for her.........held her head between the 2 doors and rattled the shit out of it, cheeky bitch.

  2. Damn straight Ryan , what a bitchy wanker! lol

  3. Fat people get cranky when they're hungry don't they? Next time say "I was holding the door for you, but you couldn't see that passed your fat ass gut!!!"