Tuesday, September 21, 2010

According to my inbox............

If my spam inbox could talk.............according to my recent email messages I have exactly 4 southwest airline tickets in my name waiting for me to fly any where in the continental US...anyone up for Vegas???
....According to a psychic  my lucky numbers for this week are 54-9-30-20-5...seriously if any of my readers play those numbers in  the lottery and win YOU OWE ME HALF! Who knew you could get a psychic reading through email, go figure.

Melissa. Brenda and  my personal favorite Cougarlovin all have pics they want to share with me....wtf am I on some lesibian email list or some shit? What the fuck is that all about..........On the Flip side Jillian knows what men want and wants to tell me all about it.....

And of course I have at least 5k in Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and free grocery gift cards just for the asking and participating in no less than 150 marketing offers..............  It really does amaze me how much spam I get considering  I emptied my inbox no less than 2 hours ago...damn how the hell do these people get my email address so easily and how much money is changing hands selling it? I don't know about you but I'm in the wrong fucking business......excuse me as I empty my spam box ....again


  1. that shit is crazy, I literally deleated all of the messages , refreshed the screen and had 10 more, ugh I give up!!!

  2. Woot! You just got cited! By my blog post, that is :)

    This is funny, although I know it's frustrating.

    I'm using Gmail now. Thunderbird on my desktop was simply being overwhelmed with spam and 10 gaziggabbyte uncropped pictures.