Saturday, August 24, 2013

That's how you found my blog???

Every once in awhile I look at some of the key words that lead people to my blog. Most of them don't surprise me,,,,short bus jokes, licking the windows on the short bus, special "ED" you get the picture.

However, I do have the occasional unusual key word pop up like the following:

Dr.suess= what the hell is this shit?    I couldn't agree with you more!!! I've been asking myself this question since I was in Pre-K. Anyone whose regularly read my blog knows of my distain for Dr. Suess and his endless rambling of nonsensical words. Would it kill you to write some REAL WORDS Dr. Fruit Loops? Sorry my inner 3 year old rage came bubbling up for a minute there. 

But I think the most interesting, yet completely disturbing keyword that popped up was :  Massaging Testicles............humm, it's not that I'm against massaging of said Testicles, I just don't think I've ever discussed such acts on my blog....just not getting that key word connection....or maybe I drunk blogged something....ok off to check my post archives for some missing balls....


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