Thursday, June 25, 2009


You, yeah you know who you are,
Just for your information, I used the follow button on your blog for my own convenience, not because I wanted my avatar to "show" up on your blog.

Of course I see that you've blocked me from adding you to the blogs I "follow" so I've just decided to make it easy on ya and not follow you any more. See that was easily solved, now I can quit wasting my time reading your shit and read more blogs that actually welcome and appreciate my presence. Seriously, fucking man up, and grow some balls it's fucking annoying as hell.


  1. WHAT THE FUCK? Yeah don't waste your time with their blog

  2. Guess who's back. And yeah, fuck that....wait, what are we talking about? Shit, to hell with anyone not down with Kat. ;-)

    buzz buzz

  3. hmm you know I have the same thing going on. You are always welcome at my psycotic little blog hehe

  4. I want that pic! Can I 'borrow it?' Please?

  5. Yesssssssssss you can , but do me a favor and throw me a link if you use it in a post, or not, lol YES USE IT Spread the FUCK it attitude