Friday, July 3, 2009

Don’t Let No One Tell Ya You Ain’t Beautiful

Don’t let no one tell ya you ain’t beautiful
Even if you aren’t from the Detroit area or even a fan of Eminem this video is worth watching.

The video starts out with Eminem walking through the Michigan Central Station, long since abandoned but not forgotten. A building that’s sat abandoned for as many years as I can remember. I recall passing it frequently during my lifetime and every time thinking “God that building must have been beautiful”, and it was and always will be in more than one set of eyes.

It’s not like everyone gave up on it, many have showed interest in renovating and moving into it, but because of it’s primo location to the bridge over to Canada the owner won’t sell….oh by the way he happens to own the bridge too…just another politically fucked up problem with this city.

Inside my beloved Tiger Stadium, half torn down, the equipment ripping into the steel structure of a building that held so many fond memories for me… a sad sight to see. I will always love that place… And lastly the Packard Motor Car Company plant, just one of many business that lie in ruin in this city, and what I fear will sadly be the end result of many more plants throughout this state.

I know the song is not “about” Detroit, but it’s nice to see that we haven't been forgotten, when so many think we are just sitting on our assess begging for a handout…we’re just working folk trying to survive like everyone else…..


  1. Word sista, hang in there n' the are right it's a sweet video

  2. I don't wanna sound like a homo but I fuckin love Eminem! The video, awesome! His album, awesome. Hands down he's the best rapper ever!

  3. Got a little mancrush going hugh? lol

  4. this new music video/song proves again that Eminem is very smart, besides being a good song-writer

  5. I love that song!! It rules!

    Yeah keep listening to it on and on and on...