Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Over It Already!!!!!!!!!

So I have this pet peeve lately and to put it blunting it is pissing the fuck out of me lately. I'm so sick of these people who have no life going around bitching like a bunch of babies all because someone wrote a derogatory statement or post about them on their blog.

Now I'm not say they don't have the right to call someone out on their bullshit, hell that's their right and damn more power to ya. I'm talking about these butt hurt bloggers who claim they've been "defamed" and they are contacting every social networking media network that ever fucking existed, the FBI, CIA, NRA, NAACP, PETA and even the fucking White House itself to file a complaint about being called a bitch, fucknut or douchbag.

If that's not enough, they threaten to sue said parties, whom they presume are "terrorizing" them online. Seriously, Let it go, no one would even know about it if you little group of like minded fuckhead "friends" hadn't told you.

I can think of some better uses of your energy and "resources" and money than to chase name callers......Wha Wha Whaaaaaaaaaaa. SO get over it you Fuckwits. Ok I've wasted enough of my precious time on this lame shit, now I have post regret.


  1. Okay so now I am curious, what is all this about?

  2. This is not only funny, it's HILARIOUS! What's even funnier is the people that come to mind when I read your post aren't teeny-fuckin' boppers. These are old mid-life crisis-ass people. These are the same folks who can dish it but can't take it. The same people that have NO social skills in the real world, so they look to the net to fill their voids...

    sorry, I totally understand what you're talking about. I got carried away..

    I'm Chap...pleased to meet you.

  3. I'm not sure what this is about either but I agree.