Sunday, December 19, 2010

How Many Days till Break?

Ahh Test days. they are supposed to be easy days, you know hand out the test, catch up on putting my grades in the computer, return a few emails etc. But NO! not when you're the SPED Teacher, nothings ordinary or predictable.

Point in case-my Science class, just as I get everyone settled down and working on their test. I hear 'turd boy' (so fondly nicknamed because he's always asking to go to the bathroom after lunch because he's "turdleing") ripping a piece of paper out of his notebook, scribbling something on it and tossing it across the room at another student.

At this point I tell him to bring me the note, at which point he ties to slide his chair across the floor to retrieve the note only to fall backwards and land feet in the air on the floor. Seizing the moment I attempt to confiscate the note before he can gather his lameass up off the floor, but where's there's a will there's a way. That little shit head started crawling across the floor lie a marine crawling through a trench with barbed wire and grabbed the note before me. Now at this point to should have been a simple "give me the note or you'll be written up for disturbing class during a test": But NO as in usual short bus fashion this kid crumbles up the note shoves it into his mouth and began chewing.

Great, now I have to deal with this? Ok, spit it paper out before you fall off your chair and your parents sue me for allowing you to stupidly compromise your air way.

Needless to say with a few more minutes of threatening and reminding him he wasn't two years old the paper was in the garbage and finally everyone was taking the test.Hell I wonder why I am exhausted at the end of the day, it's like I am teaching Kindergarten all over again. No I take that back I think Kindergartners are more well behaved. Thank God Just 2 more days to Christmas Break, For the Love of God I need it!


  1. Oh what I would give to have a Christmas break. Although I don't deal with tards all day either.

  2. I don't think you'd last more than 10 mins, not an insult it's just all the shit you have to put up with usually dives sane people to their breaking point within minutes Ha Ha