Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Politically Correct can Kiss My Ass

So I was running off progress reports recently and came to the section where the teacher can add comments on the student progress. Typically they are the standard
Student could do better work, missing work, daily work incomplete...you get the idea.

So I get to this one student and the only comment that truly describes this student is "Student lacks motivation to complete daily assignments" but what I really want to say to the parent is that your kid needs to lay off the ganja before getting on the school bus, because it is totally interfering with his ability to complete even the simplest direction such as writing his name on his paper.In other words he can't afford to lose any more brain cells ......in face he's in need of an emergency transfusion of some smartness as we speak.

Oh and just one more thing you might want to consider another line of work....seems your current occupation as a medical mary jane grower isn't exactly helping the situation douche bag.....just saying.


  1. lol, the kid is doomed to be a basement dweller

  2. I was gonna comment on this post, but I got high.