Monday, January 24, 2011

Hope you get what you deserve

So I hear on the news this morning that some Islamic douchbag decided that he had the right to mercy kill his daughter because she was "becoming too westernized." Look I'm pretty tolerant of people who practice religions different than  mine....hell do what you want-- worship that pile of dog shit in your back yard for all I care, but when you cowardly hide behind your fucked up religion and use it as a right to slaughter your flesh and blood --well that's when I say take your piece of shit ass back to your homeland.

Here's a little newsflash for you douchebag. You're the one who chose to raise your daughter here. You think maybe our evil western culture might influence her? The part that  pisses me off the most is that you fucking cowards hide behind your supposed, peaceful religion all while you are repressing the women in your culture, beating them if they stray a little to far or better yet run them over with your jeep in the name of Allah and pride.

What the fuck is wrong with you people! And if our legal system allows your "crime" to be dismissed for the sake of your "culture" then shame on this nation. You claim you worship God but you couldn't be further than the truth---so fuck off!


  1. and try say something about it and then you're racist and disrespecting their religion. Such a bunch of balls :/