Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stupid is as Stupid does....just saying

As much as I love it when my class runs smoothly, I'm also a realist. I teach some of the most challenging and unmotivated kids in the student population. Needless to say this was going to be one of "those" days.

Now one of the things I really hate is when my kids say stupid things...I know it kinda seems like an oxymoronic statement on my part, considering what I teach,  but it really irritates me. Most of the time I let a lot of shit slide, but today I decided I'd had enough and called a student out on their stupidity.

That's when my student immediately starts a tyrate about how I need to quit getting up his bizness', and stay outta his shit. This of course immediately grants him a go directly to  jail   the princpal's office, do not pass go and do not collet $200 card.

But this is where things get hysterical. In his attempt to make a dramatic exit from the classroom, he screams "Fine I'll go to the office, you're a lame ass teacher anyway, bitch....immediately stomping to the door. The only problem is that earlier in the week this punk broke the door when he attempted to open it by kicking the release bar.

So here he is trying and failing miserably to get out of the room, looking like a complete dip shit while doing it. This of couse sent the rest of my extremely immuture students and myself into complete gut splitting was hysterical, it was like he was one of those dumb shits that attempt to rob a convience store and can't get out of the door. 

But if that wasn't rewarding enough.......I  got an email from my principal later that day that was simply the icing on the cake..........."Just wanted to let you know that Johny won't have to be subjected to your lame ass teaching for the next three days as he will be suspended out of school, you can thanks me later...ha ha"  Gotta love an admin with a fucking sense of humor!

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