Sunday, May 8, 2011

So do you want the good news first or the bad news first?

I really hate it when people say that don't you.....I even hate it more when it pertains to work. Well since I am such an optimist at heart, yeah you can all quit laughing your asses off .....I'll start with the good news. My schedule for next year isn't so bad....only one new class to teach and well I get to co-teach with a guy whose humor is as wicked as mine. So that's a plus definitely.

Now for the bad news, cuz there is always a negative aspect of the job....just when I thought my punishment in hell with one particular group of students was finished....I realized that I will have that same group of assholes  angels again next year. This is the same group of kids that I swear stay up all night planning how to effectively shank each other. They have to be the most uncooperative, unmotivated and high maintenance students I've ever encountered....I'm seriously considering keeping a bottle in my desk drawer next year, and upping my medication...I digress


  1. There are some good....angels in there, though, right? I mean, even just one?

    I only had that twice happen to me, where I had the same teacher 2 years in a row- once, the teacher volunteered to move with the class (AP English Lang & Lit), and when the teacher taught 3 separate classes I had to take (AP US History, AP Govt. and Economics), and that was after I moved to a smaller town. Granted, I was in choir every year, but that was always a slightly different bunch every year, and even there, I always had the same teacher for maybe...3 years.

  2. Hello!
    I want to hear bad news first, Then good news. Nice posting.

  3. Totally hate when people ask me that question. No matter how great the good news is, the bad news is going to make the good less awesome. Jerks. :( Plus, I can never decide which one I want first. Bleh.

    Makes me wonder why they have all the worst kids cramed in one class together. They are just going to feed off eachother, wouldn't you think?