Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Bad Teacher

I don't know what it is about me but I seem to attact the crazy train where ever I go. That's right people seem to gravate to me when I'm in public like some I'm some guru of the dsyfunctional and plain bat shit crazy.

Case in point.........I'm shopping after school one day at my favorite discount store and while pushing my cart down the asile I'm jostled by a young man who practically knocks me on my ass as he passes me. That should have been the first red flag, social awardness, the absence of an appropriate apology, the flat affective facial expression........yeah things only got worse after that.......instead of high tailing it in the other direction to avoid any possible further contact I simply went on my way down the next aisle.

That where the crazy train stopped to pick up it's next passenger.....the guy who practically knocked me down......only this time he's no longer in his own little world and has fixated on me and trying to convince me to "talk" to his mom down the next aisle. Before I knew it he's screaming at the top of his lungs that he doesn't want to go to Good Will with her today because he already been there once this week and the chance of them having any new VHS movies on WWII in stock are pretty slim, and what's the use of going to Good Will if you don't have anything new to look at Right? His mother two aisles over is screaming back at him "You're going, now stop pouting!"

Meanwhile, everyone is staring at me giving me the stink eye silently screaming in their heads "Just fucking talk to his Mother so he'll shut the Fuck up!...........So here I am thinking do I respond to this obvious Aspburgerish tempertantum or just walk away?  Fuck it, I punched out of the crazy train time clock an hour ago, and my time in dysfunctional hell is over.........and I simply say ........"Sorry you're on your own"........ and I'm the bad, but sane teacher for one more day.


  1. You bring the stink eye to every situation. I on the other hand have learned to simply slip silently to the next department, like a graceful dirty ninja.

    Just remember, I give lessons.

  2. I think I need some ninja lessons too! What can I say I have SPed tattooed on my forhead~~
    It's my lot in life

  3. Wow! Good thing you don't have to have dinner with them! Hilarious post - I guess crazies are there for us to write about them:)

  4. Note to self, stay out of the Walmart!