Saturday, October 8, 2011

An open letter to TBS--Kiss My Ass!

Let me give you a little advice TBS, your coverage of the MLB playoffs stinks, to put it bluntly.... it sucks balls, that's right big, sweaty, stinky hairy balls. I was thoroughly disgusted with your coverage of the Detroit-Yankee's series. The last time I checked your coverage is supposed to be unbiased, but it was hardly that. By the third inning of game 5 I was ready to mute your asses and listen to the radio coverage, the only thing holding me back is that there's a delay and I like seeing and hearing that shit live, and not see what happens seconds after I've heard it.

Your and TNT's  blatant favoring of the Yankee's through out this series made me want to puke on my shoes. It was completely unprofessional and brought disgusting to a whole new level in my book. Joe Girardi is a joke as a manager but according to you and your broadcast you jumped at the chance to hang on that asses every word. "what do you think Joe's thinking right now, what will be Joe's next move?" Well I tell you what his next move sit in the corner with his buddy A-Rod and have a good cry. That's right TNT the all mighty Yankee's and golden boy A-Rod were bitch slapped by a bunch of boy's from the Ghetto.

Hell you ass holes couldn't even muster the nerve to say who WON the series, no it was just The Yankee's lose and go home. You self righteous assholes should all lose your jobs. And you know what?......Even if my boys get their asses kicked in the next round of the playoffs.........I can still revel in the fact that we've kicked the all mighty Yankee's asses in the last two playoff appearances we've had. And that my friends is enough for me, the rest.........the ALCS  playoff series and possible World Series appearance....that's just gravy baby, cuz right now I am holding my head up and saying "Well done Boys, Well Done.


  1. A-rod should be ashamed of himself for robbing the people of NY of millions of dollars, it's a damn shame


    Stay cool Kat.