Monday, October 17, 2011

Thanks but no Thanks Kat

I find it rather funny when people run screaming from my this person............

We have tested your blog ( and found that it contains problems in matching our criteria that are so severe that we do not think that they can be fixed. Therefore, we will not accept any further submissions on this particular blog.

The problem(s) with this blog are noted below:

In order to have your Blog Certified with Blog Distributor, it must not contain profanity. The following is a list of the profane words we found in your Blog: shit (10), shits (1), pissed (9), piss (1), fuck (18), fucked (4), fucking (14), bullshit (3), bitch (4), ass (27).

If you have other blogs that do not share the problem(s) that this blog has, we would welcome your submission of those other blogs.

The thing I find most hillarious is that they felt the need to tell me exactly how many times I said the word ass...I not suprised that they didn't send me a bar of soap! Ahhhhhhhh Fuckem (1)


  1. If it helps, you can remove all these words from your blog... and send them all to ME!!!

  2. it will cost you I have the copyright

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