Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have I ever told you ......

my personal theory about Dr. Seuss?  Well let me tell you, I hate Dr. Seuss. Yes as a teacher I should embrace his creativity......but honestly I can't stand all the rhyming. And actually it's not necessarily the rhyming I hate. It's the rhyming of the nonsensical made up words. My teacher brain wants to just scream know it the hell off! Yes, this is a confession...........I hate Dr. Seuss so much I actually refused to read it to my students...no matter how much they begged for Green Eggs and Ham, I refused ! In case you didn't know I used to teach elementary and even had a stint as a preschool teacher........hard to believe as jaded as I seem now.  I am also painfully aware that I am sure I will one day be punished for denying these youngsters the pleasure of hearing the nonsensical tale of some freakish looking creepy fur covered rodents from Whooville .....but that's a chance I'll take....


  1. Oh, jaded teacher... poor, poor jaded teacher. I will not cry, I will not fly, I will not flounce, I will not pounce, I do not worry, you logic's furry, before this jury, I will not hurry... I will just tell you that I'm happy as a Who you shared it.

    Merry Christmas!!!

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