Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes I wish...........

Sometimes I wish I weren't so approachable to my students. There are just times when I'd rather not know so many personal things about in point.......the student who told me the other day she just found out she had an STD, and wait for it........that she might be pregnant. I mean what am I supposed to say to that? My brillant response...........go to the counseling office and talk to them about your predicament. Seriously I was completely dumbfounded as what to say to this student, however  for some strange reason she felt comfortable enough  to share her troubles with me.

 The next day this same student came up to me during class to tell me she's NOT pregnant, which I felt relieved about, but then she proceeded to share the intimate details of how she got into the situation in the first which point I just had to say I'm really not comfortable discussing your sex cop out I know, but seriously I don't need the image of my students engaging in activities they are in no position to handle the consequences of, burned into brain..........FML

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  1. that's a toughie. what are your obligations? are they clearly defined? do you have to rat her out to anyone?