Thursday, April 5, 2012

How We Get Through The Hard Times

.......Today is the opening of the MLB Season, and those of you who know me from my old blog, know what a baseball freak I am. See we love our Tigers in this ghetto town. I say we because we're all proud of the tradition of baseball here. 

We are proud that history considers the 1915 Tigers to be the greatest team EVER-even though technically the winning percentages were better in 1934. We know of the healing that occurred, when our boys won it all in 68' a mere year after it seemed the whole town would burn to the ground amongst racial tensions and riots. We all remember that once upon a little league mound we talked to the ball hoping it worked as well for us as it did for The Bird. And as adults we still try to turn 2 while playing softball just like the greatest double play tandem of all time. 

We all know where we were at exactly 7:41 PM on October 14, 1984 and we understood what tears of joy meant. We know the entire roster of the "Bless You Boys" and their batting averages during the 84' Series--The year that we WON it all with just a 3- man rotation...THAT'S RIGHT...a three man rotation. Unheard of by today's standards.

We know there is nothing more beautiful than that white old English "D" sitting atop your head on a hot Detroit summer day. We know the joy of being an underdog and fighting our way to the top in O6 and knocking the mighty Yanks down a few pegs along the way. 

When we win titles, it more than a celebration, it chaos, pandemonium and euphoria all rolled into one. Sure we all miss the corner of Trumbull and Michigan, that familiar Corktown where many of our fondest baseball memories originate. But hearing that Tiger growl and eyes light up after a Cabrera walk off homerun helps to make up for it. This is our team, THIS IS MY TEAM, and good or bad we love you just the same....Good Luck this year Boys, this city needs a winner more than ever. Do us Proud. I am Kat and I am proud to say I will always be a Tiger


  1. You and I are hopeless Kat. Right down to our shared obsessive memories of a one-legged Tigers reject, winning MY TEAM a World Series with one perfect, front-footed swing of the bat.

    So, see you in October?

    I am Bill and I am proud to say I will always be a Dodger.

  2. Yes our baseball obsession is hopeless, I feel like I've come back to life now that the season has started.........watched my boys slaughter Boston this afternoon.....back to back homeruns by Cabrara and Fielder not once but twice in one game........Priceless!

  3. WOW! You ARE a big baseball fan! Hope this year brings you lots of fun without too much heartache.