Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Sanctuary

It's that one place you can go, where your thoughts are your own. Not to be judged by others, picked apart or analysed. The one place where you don't have to justify and argue your truth. It's simply what it is....your thoughts, whether fleeting for a second or ingrained in your psyche for an eternity.

But what are thoughts if they aren't shared and birthed into this world with the roll of the tongue, shared with loved ones, the masses or simply a stranger on the street? Is their significance increased simply by choosing to draw in a breath and utter them in front of an audience, or do my thoughts retain their importance as I crack a sly grin and place them back into to recesses of my mind, never to draw a single breath.


  1. Excellent question, your thoughts can be a contradiction.

    Two ancient cats running through the universe in opposite direction.

    Yet they are one, unified by the Charioteer who controls by strength and will, triumphs over limitations.

    A spirit of faith set free.

    "FOCUS and find a way my disciple and remember that all things are possible in love and war".

    D. Vader