Thursday, June 14, 2012

Are you kidding me?

Rainbow Potato ChipsSo what's the deal with all these food companies trying to sell me stuff that's supposedly new and improved but really is just a clever way to rip off the consumer by offering less for the same price.
Case in point.........have you seen these?  Yeah they are these chips that well .....they are burnt...and guess what people are raving over them. That's right people are buying this shit and it's flying off the freaking shelf .....all because they are overcooked and burnt. Listen people this is the same shit that the potato chip companies used to sell to their workers at the end of the day as a defective product for 25cents a bag. Now don't you feel like an idiot. That's right you are lining up and paying upwards of $4 a bag for burnt, rejected potato whose's stupid?


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